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22 Mesmerizing Tattoos That Will Leave You Wanting One Yourself

tattoo ideas, creative tattoos

All the tattoos are done by Erensu Ekmekciler.

My primary goal is to turn the positive and negative events that affect people’s lives through an artistic filter and perspective and to give them new features, to bring them to the size of the dimension which they want to have, and to turn the events of certain periods of their lives into checkpoints.

tattoo ideas, creative tattoos
#1 Maze
#2 Deer
#3 Tree
#4 Traveler
#5 Tortoise
#6 Sound-Waves Of The Whale
#7 Astronaut
#8 Jeff Koons
#9 Golden Ratio And Fibonacci
#10 Ace Of Hearts
#11 Healed
#12 Indian Woman
#13 Roses
#14 Raven With Poppy
#15 Ocean, Mountains And Sun
#16 White Tree Of Gondor
#17 Deers
#18 Planet
#19 Maze
#20 Journey To The Perspective
#21 The Notorious B.I.G.: Ready To Die Album Cover
#22 Gemini
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