50 Weird Laws Around the World – Strange and Ridiculous

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Besides normal law forbidding drinking underage, violence, and public nudity, there are some absurd laws in this world. For example, forgetting your wife’s birthday is a crime in Samoa, or Winnie the Pooh being banned from all playgrounds and children’s areas. Here are some hilarious laws that will make you rethink your traveling plans.

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Wyoming, USA

Many people think of New York or France when as states that are deeply devoted to art. You should add Wyoming to your lists as the state has a law that every building worth over $100,000 (which is most houses), has to spend at least 1% of the total worth on artwork for that building.

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If you live in Western Australia, and you want to randomly walk with a bag of over 50kg of potatoes art one time, you can’t – it’s forbidden by law!

It connected with limiting imports, and as a result, the Potato Marketing Corporation is granted the right to search your car – not for just guns, drugs etc, but for potatoes as well.

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Bad news for people prone to upset tummies: in Switzerland, it is forbidden to flush the toilet after 10 p.m. because it is considered a “noise pollution”.

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If you’re Singapore and want to freshen your breath with a chewing gum, that’s not likely to happen legally. In 1992, the country banned gum and gum chewing! There is an exception tho. If you can prove that chewing gum has a therapeutic value, then you can chew with the blessing of the country law.

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The forever old question of whether Scots wear underwear under their kilts has a simple somewhat-legal answer. Scots must not wear any underwear under their kilts or be fined two beers, according to an old country law. It is still unknown how they check if the law is broken, and how they accept payment though.

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Sarpourenx, France

The French town of Sarpourenx has issues with people randomly dying and expecting to be buried – rude.

People are forbidden from dying in public places without having an already purchased a burial plot in the local cemetery. People who ignore this and die will be severely punished, the mayor added. How someone severely punishes the dead is left unclear.

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