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Artist(s) of The Month – May

art, fine art, art ideas, style

Meet Checking Invoices,

art, fine art, art ideas, style

Why You Ask again?

Well, there are many theories on why they do this. One theory even went further with the concept behind and the model had this to say: “Muslim countries have been being exposed more and we are getting used to seeing covered faces more….I think it has to do with a lot of crisis of identity these days. The identity changes because of social media exposure, and there is the need for privacy, which creates a mystery around the person.”

Regardless of the theory behind it, we love some mystery here and there.

Here are some of our Fav Looks!

You’ll have to hand it to this couple – their originality is through the roof. They are creating original and eye-catching content as genderless models with interesting fashion sense. Their channel and creations challenge beauty and fashion trends. They say fashion is taken too seriously nowadays and they try their best to provoke the standards of beauty.

Do you have your favorite artist? We will pick our favs every month. Go follow them and check out their great work!

Check out Checking Invoices channel here.

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