How to Protect Your Makeup During Travel

How to Protect Your Makeup During Travel


Let’s be honest, out makeup and skincare products take up a LOT of space in our suitcases when we pack (to be exact, beauty products take up 20% of our suitcases). So, we have decided to reveal the best packing tips for traveling with a carry-on, especially when it comes to skincare and makeup. To put it shortly, you don’t necessarily need to pack fewer things, you just need to learn to organize more efficiently.

How to Protect Your Makeup During Travel

Only Pack One Face Brush

Brushes can take up a lot of space in your makeup bag. Brushes used for face powder, contour brusher, highlight brush, blush brush, etc. can take up a lot of space, but when you think about it, one brush is enough – you can multitask and use one brush for everything. Here’s an example:

Multi-Use Makeup Products

Statistics show that an average woman uses 16 beauty products to complete her morning routine! How crazy is that?
Now, for travel, you’ll have to choose smartly and pack a Lip Cheek duo product instead of your everyday blush and lipstick. Here’s a great example of this trick:

Travel-Size Products

Not only are travel sized products Gods gift to women when it comes to packing, but they also give you the option to test out products without having to buy the whole thing for 50$.

How to Protect Your Makeup During Travel

Go for Makeup Kits

Makeup Kits are very space efficient and convenient for traveling. Look for kits that you can customize so random products you won’t use don’t take up your precious packing space.

How to Protect Your Makeup During Travel
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