Is Kylie Jenner Being Sued?



Kylie Jenner being sued? 

Many have been talking about Kylie Jenner being sued for ripping off another cosmetic line. Apparently, Kylie Cosmetics was sued for stealing “Born to Sparkle” makeup line from Sheree Cosmetics.

Is Kylie Jenner being sued?

Is Kylie Jenner being sued?

Sheree Cosmetics launched this product earlier and it is said that they filed . for a trademark on August 30th this year.

You can check out the product here

Our “Born to Sparkle” palette is truly one of a kind. A stunning white palette with 15 shades of pressed glitter ranging from white iridescent and every metal color you can think of to pinks and purples – what more could a girl ask for? – says a part of the descrpiton

Born To Sparkle by Sheere Cosmetics

Born To Sparkle by Sheere Cosmetics

This palette comes in a beautiful sleek white box – on the front of the palette, the name “Born to Sparkle” in metallic gold, and the quote “You musn’t be afraid to Sparkle a little brighter, Darling” on the inner flap. – says the description of Sheere Cosmetics regardin the product!

Kylie Jenner was contacted but there was no response so far
Born to Sparkle, Kylie Cosmetics

Born to Sparkle, Kylie Cosmetics


It is said that Sheree Cosmetics started using the slogan in connection to various products and their application for registering the mark is still ongoing so we believe that the court process will take some time.

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics

Sheree also claims infringes its own “inherently distinctive packaging, including the imprinting of quotations in the products.”

Well, see for yourself.

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