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If You Skip Breakfast, You Are Harming Yourself: Why Is It The Most Important Meal?

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Most people are used to having coffee without having breakfast first. Is that healthy? Here are some facts about breakfast that you probably didn’t know.

The most important meal of the day

Many people do not have this habit and very often skip breakfast. Instead of an adequate meal, many start day by drinking coffee. According to nutritionists, this is an extremely bad habit that you should change asap. A regular breakfast wakes up our metabolism, controls our weight and prevents obesity. One study found that those who have breakfast every day had a lower percentage of fat than those who skipped breakfast.

Positive effects of having breakfast

Although it sounds amazing, breakfast encourages weight loss. When we have a meal half an hour after waking up each morning, it keeps our sugar levels at an appropriate level. It also has the effect of reducing appetite throughout the day. A morning meal has a significant effect on preventing heart disease and limb disease. It is very important to establish such a regime with regular breakfast and also to acquire this healthy habit from a very early age.

The best food to have for breakfast:

Here are some of the best foods you should eat for breakfast:

  • fruits or vegetables – they are rich in vitamins
  • milk, cheese or yogurt as a source of calcium  
  • carbohydrate-rich foods as they are a great source of energy

After these facts, we are sure that you won’t miss this meal! Qubscribe for more news, and if you liked the article, read this one.

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