Claire Holt Is Pregnant After Suffering Tragic Miscarriage



Claire Holt is very happy to announce she is pregnant, following her miscarriage earlier this year.

She revealed the happy news on her Instagram in a heartfelt and emotional post. Alongside a photo of her and her husband, Andrew Joblon, as well as their dog, she wrote, “My heart is bursting. I’m so happy to share with you that we are having a baby!”

She continued, “It still doesn’t feel real. These past few months have been filled with excitement, anxiety, tears, joy, uncertainty but most of all gratitude. You never forget the deep pain of loss. It dims with time but it informs many of your experiences.”

In March, the actress detailed the “darkest moment” of her life: when she suffered a miscarriage. Despite the emotional toll it took on her, “it made me infinitely more thankful for the precious baby growing inside me today,” she said in Thursday’s post.

And in light of her past struggle she added, “I want to take a moment to acknowledge all those struggling with miscarriage, infertility or any of the difficulties that come with bringing new life into the world. I know that these announcements can hurt. I’ve felt it all. My heart is with you and I pray that our story gives you hope. Thank you all so much for your love and support—I can’t wait to share this journey with you.”

Claire recently married her husband in an intimate wedding, where she wore an elegant lace gown. Their nuptials came after the pair announced their engagement in December of last year, following her divorce from music producer Matthew Kaplanin May 2017.


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