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stuff you need

We all love staying on the budget and finding a better deal on what we are looking for, but sometimes it’s imposible to find a good price, it really is. Luckily we’ve found some items which are really budget friendly, so treat yourself, and let us know how that worked out for you.

Liama pens

Why skip this joy? This will definitely make you say “This my pen. Alpaca few in my bag.” You may get them on aliexpress or amazon for approximately 10$.


“Slightly” Interesting Pillowcase

Slightly? This is just something we like to use to sooth the seriousness of the amazingness of the variety of the pillowcases you may find. For less than 10$ you can get a cool pillowcase for any room, just probably not for your office 😉

A Book

Not just a regular book. Our recommendation is The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. In the sea of modern psychology textbooks, this one is surely a refreshment and serves as a reminder that not everything should be perfect. This book costs around 15$, and it is always good to read it from time to time, just in case you start caring.

stuff you need

A Wise and Not So Wise Message T-Shirt

This is always fun to wear, and believe it or not, it is a cool conversation starter. It comes in all sizes from XS-4XL, and in various colors. We’ve fond some interesting examples. You can get them from 10 – 20$ depending on the quality.

A Snape Sticker

Well, this kinda makes us sad, but a meaningful Snape sticker is something to hold on to. And you can get it for around 1$, on Etsy, Ebay, Aliexpress or Amazon.

stuff you need

Cool Makeup Brushes

From cactus makeup brushes, unicorn themed brushes and cool metallic brushes, you name it. For less than 25$ you can get your help during morning makeup rituals.

Rezultat slika za cool makeup brushes

A Pair Of Cool Socks

This is what we all like to have when we are feeling cosy at home. A pair of funny socks could surely cheer up your day. These you can find from 3$- 10$ on all bigger e-commerce websites.

Well, that’s it for now. Stop by anytime and check out what we’ve found for you.

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