Here are 23 Times People Roasted Anti-Vaxxers On A Whole New Level 😭🤣

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There is simply no coming back from these roasts.

1. Chemical shots

2. Actual science

3. Immune system

4. Self-developed healing

5. Uneducated potato

6. Measles

7. They will pass

8. On a spoon

9. Chickenpox experiment

10. Tide pods and banana peels

11. Road safety laws

12. Murederers

13. Minded individuals

14. Vaccine safety research

15. Crotch goblins

16. Oops… You did it again

17. Usain Bolt of dying

18. A vaccine free trip to Mexico

19. Summer camps

20. Good mothers

21. The danger of vaccinations

22. You might want to think again

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