The weirdest people you will meet – Only on SUBWAYS!


Do subway creatures exist?

We might have some evidence of such creatures.

Many times, you`ve probably wondered if you were properly dressed when you went out: Should you be wearing the dress you are wearing, if the shirt matches your pants, if your hair looks good and the list goes on, but what these folks thought we have no clue. Here are some people that were definitely turning some heads:

Should we ask him for the number of his hairstylist?
We wonder if this is a dress code….
…guess he never feels lonely?
helmet man
One word: …Yaaaaaassss
Barber much?
Subway Goth reunion? Why weren`t we invited
i dont know
Rats are getting bigger these days…
rat people
…where are your mothers?

what is going on

Bon apetit….

bon apetit

Hey doll! ….. *Which one*

doll jacket

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Here is a potato.

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