Watch reaction of this baby on her mum singing! You’ll melt!



Baby Leland hears the beautiful sound of “Good Good Father” sung by his mommy and not even she was expecting his response. Sitting quietly in his high chair, Leland listened carefully to all that mommy had to say and sing. When mom decided to bring some liveliness to the household and worship with song, baby Leland’s heart was already there with her.

Big blue baby eyes welled up with tears at the soft sound of mom’s voice. Yet when she continued to sing, she realized it was actually the words which brought baby Leland to tears. She sang, “You are perfect in all of Your ways,” and tears started to fall gently down his cheeks.

Touched by the humbling words, Leland allowed the tears to flow without letting a single cry escape his lips. His eyes spoke volume, staring at mommy attentively. Surely, this was no ordinary song mommy was singing, but a worshipful response to who she believes God to be, and little Leland though only so young seemed to understand all of it. Sharing a moment like this with her baby was so touching, and it seems as though it will leave a beautiful impression on Leland too.


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