Does a Woman Really Need a Man?

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Wherever we are, at a coffee shop, at work, at a night out with the girls the inevitable topic are the men. But the real question is do we need them so much that we can not imagine life without them?

Here are some examples that will prompt you to ask yourself which type of woman you are.

“I can’t live without him, he’s so perfect ….”

You must have a close friend who talks like this about her boyfriend or even potential. If you do not, then you have surely heard countless times this sentence. But the problem is that most women idealize a man and put him in the first place. She is confident in herself only if she has the man beside her. Uncertainty and self-confidence that she does not possess are concealed exactly in this way.

“He’s pretty and handsome, could be great for an open relationship…”

Women who think this way have a reason for doing so. They were hurt by previous experiences, they had long relationships and were tired of that, so now they just want an open relationship without any pressure, checking, and partly without bonding. They want to enjoy life, focus on some other things, and if it is meant to be, the perfect man will appear.

“We’re dating for a very long time, it’s nice, we’ll see how it’ll go day by day…”

This type of woman is aware of herself and her partner. She simply found someone who suits her, she likes him a lot, but she knows that things can change tomorrow. She is working on her career, she wants her to be successful and she goes one step at a time.

“All men are the same, I don’t trust anyone …”

When someone hurts you a lot, it is no wonder you will have this attitude towards members of the other sex. You made a barrier, focused on yourself and only on yourself and now you do not want to give a chance to the other side to win you. You must know that they are not really all the same, and when you least hope, you may be introduced to someone who will change that opinion.

“What happens, happens, it’s not that I really need some man…”

Never forget the spectacular sentence of Samante of the Sex and the City series: “I love you too, Richard, but I love me more.” So she said that it was OK to love a man but to put ourselves in the first place. If something does not work, even if you have feelings for the other side, it is okay to end that and move on.

What If We End Up With One of These

Well, the sex doll industry is rising and therefore, the industry is always looking for new ways to please people. Firstly it was men-focused, but now we have a whole new level of “entertainment”. Sex dolls designed only for women and their needs. If you want to read more about this read this article.

In conclusion

So women, love yourself, respect yourself, build yourself up, always learn something new, travel, go out and never let a man control you. We do not need them, but a real man who will be there to encourage you to be even more successful, to respect you, love you, make you laugh is a perfect combination. Everything is up to you… So, I wish you all the luck!

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