You should follow THESE women for FITSPO! Get in shape NOW!

We are always in pursuit of something to inspire us or just move us to go work out! We slowly realize that what we do waste is time, scrolling and scrolling for the perfect fitspo!
Don`t worry! We have found 5 women you need to follow to help you get inspired and get in shape!

Jen Selter – @jenselter

Known for her great butt workouts, she is a fitness model from NY and on her Instagram page, you can find great workouts for your behind.

Jen Selter

Massy Arias – @massy.arias

This woman is a certified personal trainer and partly a health coach with over 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

massy arias

Jeanette Jenkins – @msjeanettejenkins

She is a Hollywood trainer and nutritionist from Canada. Her most known workouts are for toned abs and she posts Instagram videos of her workouts frequently.

jeanette jenkins

Mandy Ingber – @mandyingber

This yoga expert promotes first of all self-love! Through her Instagram posts, she preaches a total mind and body makeover.

mandy ingber

Nude Yoga Girl – @nude_yogagirl

Her Instagram page name says it all. This amazing person celebrates the human body in its simplest form. She is a photographer, model and a yoga enthusiast you need to follow.

nude yoga girl


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