Amazing Photography Winners From the 2020 International Photography Awards

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The International Photography Awards (IPA) has had over 13,000 entries and determined the best of the best. The expert jury has chosen the winners, whos photos will be shown below. The top selections in the 2020 professional competition show just how talented last year’s field of photographers was. From amazing advertising photography to haunting editorial images, IPA allowed the world’s top photographers to put their best work up for judgment. Hope you enjoy!


Snake Eating a Frog
“Blue Insularis 7” by Chin Leong Teo (Singapore). First Place – Professional Nature, Other.


Father Hugging His Daughter at a Wedding
“拜別時刻” by Yo-Wei Chen (Taiwan). First Place – Professional Event, Wedding.


Lightning Storm over a Town
“Black Mountain” by Ari Rex (Australia). Nature Photographer Of the Year, First Place – Professional Nature, Seasons.


Portrait of a Beautiful Woman
“Phoenix” by Marie Simonova (Russian Federation). First Place – Professional Advertising, Beauty.


Black and White Photo of a Boy Playing the Violin
“City Soleil: a Melody of Hope” by Urim Hong (United States). First Place – Professional Editorial / Press, Other.


Rock Climber Dangling Off the Face of a Rock
“The Man Who Sold the World” by Adam Gearing (Australia). First Place – Professional Sports, Extreme sports.


Panorama of a Hiker on a Mountain
“Extreme Panoramic Landscapes” by Alessandro Cantarelli (Italy). First Place – Professional Nature, Landscape.


Two Dogs Simultaneously Jumping Over a Log
“Best friends” by Claudio Piccoli (Italy). First Place – Professional Nature, Animals / Pets.


Two Women Emerging from Water
“time” by Titus Poplawski (Poland). First Place – Professional Analog / Film, Portrait.


Young Girl Standing on the Side of the Road
“Exodus” by Nicolo Filippo Rosso (Colombia). Deeper Perspective Photographer Of the Year, First Place – Professional Deeper Perspective

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