Think before you ink! 12 Tattoo DISASTERS you will LOVE #not!



Tattoos became a pretty normal thing in today`s society.

At one point in life we all thought about getting a tattoo. Many unfortunately didn`t think about it enough. Here are 10 tattoo IDEAS which you probably should not get :))

Grammar called, you blew it.


Knowledge for sure is power but NOLEGE, we wouldn`t NOw.


To do….. or WHAT to do… that is the question.

tattoo 7

We also think you were pretty hot.

tattoo 7

And here… a true admirer of the Native American culture.

tattoo 8

NOHING for sure

tattoo 9

`I know what you did last summer…`

tattoo 3

The best way to impress your gf is to get her mirror selfie tattooed
Wow… this is seriously so deep…

tattoo 6

Should I get one as well?


Guess she loves geography…

tattoo 5

Seriously, you should definitely think if you are about to get a tattoo. In 5 years time, would it mean the same thing to you….

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