Ten Reasons to Change Your Diet to KETO

Ten Reasons to Change Your Diet to KETO

Here are my top ten reasons why Keto diet is great and why you should think about changing your diet.

10: Keto Will Help You Feel Less Anxious and Depressed

The Anti-Anxiety Diet, which uses a keto approach as the basis of mood control layered with food-as-medicine solution supports reason number ten extensively. Via controlled blood sugar levels, reduced inflammation, and the ability of ketones to cross the blood-brain barrier, affecting synapses and reducing excitatory neurological impulse while promoting GABA function, nutritional ketosis may promote energy balance and mood stability.

9: Keto Improves Hormone Balance

Fat as a primary fuel source is very tonifying for your reproductive glands and helps in the release of estrogen contained in your body fat. Also, since it lowers fasting insulin, controls blood sugar levels, and supports the balance of LH and FSH hormones via pituitary mechanisms, keto is THE most effective diet for fertility! Now, if you go keto without the right nutrients or dietary compounds to eliminate the excess estrogen in your body, you might end up with stubborn belly fat, mood swings, breast tenderness, and low testosterone in men. Also, bear in mind that xenoestrogens can be found in plastics, as well as low-quality growth hormone protein, both of which are crucial to avoid while attempting to heal your body!

8. Keto is a muscle-sparing diet.

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While other diets result in muscle and fat loss, lowering BMR, keto, when performed correctly, spares muscle! When we become fat-adapted, our bodies are less likely to use lean tissue for energy, preferring instead to use stored fat as a fuel source! Furthermore, intermittent fasting boosts HGH output, which is crucial for maintaining lean body mass! Fasting and perfect keto meals has been shown to be 4x better at maintaining lean mass than calorie limited diets in recent research!

7: Keto Boosts & Maintains Energy Levels

The seventh reason to go Keto is that it will improve vitality while also reducing the slumps and energy changes that occur when the body runs on carbs! When you’ve become fat-adapted, your body will still turn to stored fat for food, which means you can go longer periods without eating and avoid the crashes that come with a carb-heavy diet!

6: Keto Can Be Done Almost Anywhere!

Breaking up with carbs can seem restrictive if you’re used to a carb-heavy American diet…but once you’ve reset your focus, you’ll quickly discover that you can eat keto ANYWHERE! The trick is to keep it clear and straightforward, and to ask for exactly what you want! When you’re on the Keto diet, there’s no such thing as deprivation when eating out! Keto is also incredibly travel-friendly, as long as you have a few go-to keto snacks on hand! And, hey, if everything else fails, fasting on a long trip with nothing to eat is a LOT easier when you’re fat-adapted—no hangry passengers here!

5: Get Rid of Tough-to-Burn Body Fat

According to a report published in Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews, a keto diet can burn up to 10 TIMES MORE FAT than other diets. This study compared a ketogenic diet to a standard American diet and found that after 10 weeks, the keto group had substantial weight, percent body fat, BMI, and hemoglobin A1c improvements compared to the SAD group! We use accumulated fat reserves for energy on a keto diet while sparing muscle, which holds our BMR (resting calories burned) high while we lose inches from pure body fat!

4. Reduce Inflammation

Using fat as a fuel source causes much less inflammation than sugar, and ketones themselves have anti-inflammatory properties. Gluten, corn, wheat, refined sugars, and carbohydrates are all naturally removed from a keto meal plan! Simply eliminating these foods will reduce inflammation in the body, but there are additional mechanisms that make keto a great choice for chronic inflammatory conditions! A ketogenic diet decreases inflammation and can also help with pain relief because it: 1) reduces nervous system overactivity, which can help with pain perception. 2) inhibits inflammatory markers such as NF-kB, TNF-alpha, and COX-2 while activating PPAR-gamma, a recognized anti-inflammatory marker!

3: Reverse Diabetes by Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

Since it helps the body to maintain low (but safe) glucose levels, a ketogenic diet may assist in the treatment and reversal of type 2 diabetes! We remove blood sugar spikes and minimize the need for insulin by lowering dietary glucose! Insulin sensitivity improves and cell receptors become less inflamed as a result of less abuse as the body produces ketones bodies as a primary fuel source from body fat rather than glucose from carbohydrates. Ketones can be a cleaner fuel for your brain, promoting a healthy attitude and energy, and they can help you lose weight if you’re struggling with insulin resistance weight gain.

2: Get Rid of Cravings

Thanks to its high-fat content, the keto diet is extremely satiating, and it also requires us to eliminate many “trigger foods” that cause increased cravings and overeating! Ketone bodies have been shown to reduce hunger and improve dietary restriction! This is due to the action of ketones on leptin, our body’s satiety hormone, as well as GLP-1, which tells the brain when enough food has been consumed!

1: Regain your sense of self!

This is something we hear from our program participants all the time–whether it’s because they can actually fit into their clothes again, feel like their hormones are finally controlled, are no longer at the mercy of food cravings, or having their brains turn back on!