8 Types Of Women You Should Avoid Dating

8 Types Of Women You Should Avoid Dating

A perfect relationship is one in which two people feel comfortable with each other, love and respect one another and both strive to become their best selves as an individual. But to achieve that kind of a relationship you have to set your standards high and wisely choose who are you going to fall in love with and let close to you.

Heres 8 types of toxic women that you should avoid by all costs:

The one-way-street woman

There’s this type of woman that were raised religious families and were thought that the man should be the one in charge in the relationship. The biblical approach states that the man is the one that needs to provide for the woman, while the woman should be obeying the mn and leave him to let the relationship.

A healthy relationship, on the other side, is the one where both of the people are doing their best to become as successful as possible for themselves. They put themselves and thir partner to achieve more.

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The “You complete me” woman

This is the type of woman that hasn’t gotten to know herself as an individual yet. She’ll most probably just agree to your beliefs, preferences and your interests and friend groups. This is a clingy and dependent kind of women that probably won’t challenge you mentally. This will probably get really boring after a certain time.

A healthy relationship involves two unique identities—not just one trying to mimic the other.

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The way too critical woman

A woman like this will simply drain you of your life energy. With that said, this is probably the worst kind of woman to date.
If she is constantly criticizing you and putting you down, this will soon affect the way you think of yourself and your overall mood.

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The confused woman

This is the type of woman that never knows what she really wants. Now, we’re not talking about the everyday stuff, this is about her thought inconsistency about some serious topics.

Imagine like a woman that doesn’t really know what she wants. One moment she’s into you, and the other moment she’s confused and wants to take a step back. Her doubt will make you think and overthink things and will make you regret the wasted time later.

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The drama queen

There she is – the drama queen. The women that always thinks that she’s been wronged and involves you in all the drama. This woman never learned to take ownership and responsibility of her life and relationships. It’s just a matter of time when the blame game will appear in your relationship as well.

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Hope you enjoyed this blog and learned something new. And remember, a good relationship is two people that love, respect each other and are working to become better and better with each and every passing day.