Artist of The Month – Saint Hoax

We for sure love design, art, music and cool animations. We’ve decided to share one of our favorite artists right now.

Meet: Saint Hoax

I am Saint Hoax, a pseudonymous artist who created a series of oil paintings entitled “MonuMental” that visualize the ephemerality of fame. These artworks are an iconographic study of the sadness lurking beneath the immaculate facades of idols.
These paintings will be showcased on October 10 at Plastik Gallery, a post-internet experiential art gallery, in Beirut.

Saint Hoax exhibition, image source:

Who is Saint Hoax?

Well, that is something we would also love to know. But what is known so far is that, Saint Hoax is a pseudonym and we are talking about a Syrian artist and activist. The main mediums Saint Hoax is using is digital painting, lenticular painting and oil painting.

Saint Hoax is using his/her talent to depict the popular and political figures. What was also highly noted is that Disney Characters are always taken and used for social awareness.

This is written on Saint Hoax’s website:

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous artist whose self-coined “POPlitical art” repurposes political and popular ethos. Hoax’s anonymity allows for uninhibited creative expression, and further emphasizes the art rather than the artist behind it.   

There are many of Saint Hoax works we adore, but here are a few ones we would take as favs for now.

… and last but not least

If you like Saint Hoax’s work you may check it out here: