Disney Characters As Real People – Gotta See This 🤯

Disney Characters As Real People – Gotta See This 🤯

We all enjoy Disney’s cartoons and as kids (as well as now) we could relate with Disney Characters most of the time. Recently, we’ve seen so many new roles which could relate to modern women, men – everyone. We see plus-size characters which have realistic bodies, long and short hair – in short – all-inclusive, and we applaud that.


Many movies we saw with real people representing these characters but we haven’t seen that much physical appearance. What if they looked THE SAME as in the cartoon – but real people? Well, we tried making the best out of it and found some interesting artwork by finish graphic designer Jirka Vinse who made this in 2011, and he said:

I randomly thought I’d have a little fun with Photoshop to explore what the character of Ursula from The Little Mermaid could look like in real life…Having grown up with a lot of these characters, the sense of nostalgia made it such a fascinating and a fun personal project to explore and carry on with. Also, I have always been interested in character design, as well as the way people look and what makes them unique in their appearances. So I was inspired by the idea of recreating these characters that we all know and love, in a way I would imagine them to look like if they were “more real,” while still staying somewhat true to theunrealistic quirks in their original character designs.

We loved his idea and we would like to share some of his work with you. Also, please make sure you check out his work here.

URSULA – From The Little Mermaid

Ursula, by Jirka Vinse

EVIL QUEEN – From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Evil Queen, Jirka Vinse


Princess Jasmine, Jirka Vinse

BELLE – Frome Beauty and the Beast

Belle, Jirka Vinse

MOANA – From Moana

Moana, Jirka Vinse

CRUELLA DE VIL – From 101 Dalamtians

Cruella de Vil, Jirka Vinse

Well, we will leave the rest to you to see on his website. We saw amazing work from 2011 – but the recent ones are mesmerizing. Make sure you check it out. Also, please leave a comment on who’s your favorite Disney Character. We would love to know 🙂

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