Funniest Halloween Pet Costume Ideas

Funniest Halloween Pet Costume Ideas

Even though it’s not Halloween season, we have decided to bring back the festive spirit and count down 12 of the funniest Halloween pet costume ideas we’ve managed to find. Be cautious – if you get creeped out easily, then we recommend you stay clear from the number one on this list. You’ve been warned.

12. Nyan Cat

11. Classy Crab

10. Cerberus Guardian Dog

9. Bat Cat

8. Dog Being Eaten by a Crocodile

7. Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” Dog Costume

6. Vampire Hedgehog

5. Mario Cat

4. Blastoise Pokemon Turtle

3. Mother Goose

2. AT – AT Dog

  1. A Ghost (Most Definitely Not A Dog)