Interesting Design My Friend. Wait What?

Interesting Design My Friend. Wait What?

1. This box of chocolates that’s really only about half a box of chocolates:

2.This tricky little non-panda:

3.This sign that has a very tiny “each” that doubles the price you probably thought the limes were:

4.The serving size of these waffles, which come in packs of four:

5. This tricky sign that’s about 100 miles away from the actual Niagara Falls, but makes you think you need to get off the freeway:

6.This email subject line that tricks you into opening a marketing email:

7.This $10 “bulk” candy bucket that’s…a little smaller in person:

8.This “bigger size” bottle that actually has four fewer ounces than the original:

9.This pizza place that charges $11.99 for a pizza but requires a $12 minimum order for delivery:

10.And finally, this library sign that is just too cruel: