Is 5G the Reason Italians are dying because of COVID-19?😱🛑

Is 5G the Reason Italians are dying because of COVID-19?😱🛑

We all know that the overuse of mobile phones increases the amount of radiation on the human body. But now, as Germans have developed the new 5G network, fear of the effects of radioactivity has grown. And as if that wasn’t enough damage, there are rumors and theories leaking that the 5G technology is to be blamed for the spread of the coronavirus.

Everyone is talking about the connection between the 5G networks and coronavirus!!

Youtube and Facebook are overwhelmed with and questions such as is coronavirus spreading trough 5G internet and theories that 5G mobile internet is responsible for the coronavirus.

One outstanding anti-5G Facebook group has shared a number of posts, claiming 5G stands behind a virus that has infected more than 80,000 people worldwide.

The creator of the group, John Kuhles, said “I challenge anyone to watch this video at least twice and claim there is nothing to it, [or] it is all a coincidence. Yeah right. Certainly not”.

This is the video Kuhles was referring to.

Dana Ashlie, the conspiracy theorists for about an hour talks about the dangers of 5G internet and how Wuhan’s rollout of 5G led to sickness with the symptoms of radiation poisoning. Ashlie sais she received the message directly from God, who shared with her different dreams and visions.

The theories don’t stop there – Laurel Ann shared a Facebook status about the connection between the coronavirus and te 5G and how it affects people.

The theories are focused on two main cases. The first is that Wuhan was the first city in China to roll out 5G internet. It’s also believed that coronavirus originated in Wuhan.

The second talking point estimates that 5G damages the immune system, leaving immunocompromised individuals highly susceptive to the disease.

How much health risk does a 5G network pose?

Physicist Dr. Bill P. Curry analyzed data and came to a realization that the dose of radiation affecting the brain increases with the frequency of the wireless signal. His warning spread everywhere, causing panic and anxiety over the potential health risks of 5G.

A Deutsche Welle journalists, Jessie Wingard, shared her concern about the 5G networks, and the health risk they are posing:

While some scientists claim that there is no reason to be worried about the radiation cellular and cordless telephones may present a threat to our health, while some other specialists don’t share the opinion.

About 250 scientists from all around the world recently signed a petition to the United Nations and World Health Organization emphasizing their concerns that cellular and cordless phones – 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, amongst other radio devices that are emitting frequency, may produce cancer and other risks to our health.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies cause stress, sperm, and testicular damage, neuropsychiatric effects, including changes in electrical activity in the brain, cellular DNA damage and calcium overload and it all occurs in humans as a consequence of exposure to EMFs (electromagnetic fields).


In all cases though, it doesn’t appear scientist will stop the proliferation of all types of theories and researches – we won’t know for sure how bad the radiation is and is our health at risk, does 5G internet increase vulnerability on coronavirus and are 5G networks to blame for spreading the COVID-19, but we can all agree on the fact that phones and other electric devices, as much as they help, they endanger our well-being.