The Only Nail Care Routine You’ll Ever Need!

The Only Nail Care Routine You’ll Ever Need!

If you’re living on the planet Earth right now, you’ve probably been sanitizing your hands all year long. This might also indicate that your nails are a little dry and brittle. So we’ve assembled a list of our best nail-care tips to help you get your nails back to their pre-pandemic state.

Nail care is the way of the future (of your perfect mani). It’s the foundation of a fantastic manicure, ensuring that your nail polish looks the best it can. However, our knowledge of even basic nail care is often outdated. It’s time to throw out the old wives’ stories (sorry, mum), refresh your knowledge, and get educated. Healthy nails are simple to obtain and even more simple to flaunt.

101 on nail care

Here are eight nail care tricks that won’t cause your nails to crack or break.

Avoid biting your nails

Was it really necessary to say that? It ruins your new manicure by weakening and cracking it, wasting all of your time and effort. It’s also bad for your teeth because it’s a direct source of bacteria. While we understand that nail biting is caused by a variety of problems, there are a number of ways to keep the nibbling at bay. Begin by keeping them short and even as they grow, and invest in a strenghtening formula to help you resist the temptation to bite them.

Apply moisturizer

Hand-washing, sanitizing, showers and daily activities often remove the natural oils from your nails, making them vulnerable to breakage, splitting, peeling, and cracking. The natural oils and moisture you lose on a daily basis can be quickly replaced by using a good cuticle oil. To get the most out of it, we recommend applying it before going to bed.

Think again about the lenght

If your nails are still cracking along the edges, it’s time to re-evaluate the lenght. An active daily routine may stress them out, resulting in cracks. If you like doing things, you should trim and shape your nails at least once a week to keep them looking perfect.

Apply a topcoat

A good top coat protects your color by sealing it in and preventing chipping and breakage. Make sure the tips of your nails are entirely covered. As a result, your mani will be absolutely sealed and your color will be protected. It’s fantastic for smoothing glitter polishes’ surfaces… In addition, nail polish seems to last longer before chipping.

Apply a base coat
Base coat is the other hidden weapon in your nail care arsenal. It’s basically nail-specific double-sided sticky tape. It adheres to your natural nail bed much more effectively than polish. It also binds best with the colors of your nail polish. The end result is a manicure that lasts longer.

Stay away from emery boards with a lot of grit.

Rough emery boards can cause small cracks in your nails, which can lead to splits and breakage. Use glass emery boards or 180 to 240 grit emery boards to keep your nails safe. They will shorten your nails and encourage you to shape them without damaging them. Filing your nails should be done slowly and uniformly in one direction rather than sawing at them.

Do not pick at your cuticles

The health of your cuticles is crucial to the health of your nails. They are nature’s way of preventing infection in your nails. Your cuticles will quickly become inflamed and ragged if you break this barrier. This will, at the very least, lighten the tone of your manicure. In the worst-case scenario, you might develop an infection that permanently damages your nails. We suggest tackling them after a shower or after applying a cuticle oil to tame them. Begin by trimming the loose skin around the edges of your nail and softly pressing your cuticles back with an orange stick or a rubber cuticle pusher.