These 11 Tricks Will Prevent You From Quitting the Gym After 1 Month

These 11 Tricks Will Prevent You From Quitting the Gym After 1 Month

These 11 Tricks Will Prevent You From Quitting the Gym After 1 Month

Do you keep postponing your first day at the gym? Is today the “Monday” you keep meaning to begin on? Only for you, Qubscribe collected 11 ways to motivate yourself to bring sports into your life. Learn how to enjoy the process

Don’t think about the beginning.

Don’t be afraid of being a “black sheep.” Not everyone is born with a perfect body. People at the gym look in the mirror to check if they are performing exercises correctly, not to spot and mock newcomers.

Act like it’s a game.

Try to play with the concept. Take a calendar, and mark every workout day with a red cross. Your task will be to make an unbroken chain of crosses for as long as you can.

Buy beautiful sports clothes.

Some researchers claim that a red sports suit increases the chances of success. This is just what you need.

Find a gym close to your home.

This will help to avoid excuses such as “bad weather,“ ”no transportation,” and “I will go tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

Create an atmosphere.

Listening to your favorite music can influence your mood and give you positive emotions. Training in a good mood is already 50% of your success.

Buy a 3-month membership.


This little trick will help to provoke your greed. If you have spent your money, you’ll be extra-motivated. Don’t take the annual membership at the very beginning — start with a little step, and one day you’ll make it up to the top.

Make a plan.

Schedule your gym visits, and describe what, when, and how you are going to do it. This will help you organize your future workouts and free you of any confusion when you go to the gym for the first time.

Get your gym bag ready beforehand.

This is a great trick to prevent your “Naah, I don’t have time today” excuses.

Hire a personal coach.

A good coach is a “magical kick” that won’t let you chill out during a workout. With the help of a professional coach, you can get really good results.

Treat yourself to something nice at the end of the month.


Get yourself a gift, big or small. You really deserve it.

The cherry on top — fall in love!

You can fall in love again with your wife or husband. Maybe it will be the renaissance of your relationship. No doubt, love is the best motivation.

What do you think about these ways of motivation? Share your opinion with us, and may the power of gym discipline never leave you!