This Country is officially the FIRST Coronafree Zone 🎉

This Country is officially the FIRST Coronafree Zone 🎉

Coronavirus is the plague that took over the whole world, county by country. Montenegro – one small lovely country in Europe was the last to register a ‘first case’ and the first to say that they are officially free of coronavirus.

The Montenegrin minister of health announced on Monday that Montenegro has become the first European country to eradicate the novel coronavirus.

“In the days ahead, responsible behavior and shared health care will be our card to continue being proud holders of the title of ‘corona free’ state. We have shown that we know how to face and fight a dangerous enemy that has conquered the entire planet,” Kenan Hrapovic told the state TV.

Kenan Hrapovic has also shared the good news on the Montenegrin ministry of health official twitter account:

”We are the last European country to report the first COVID-19 case and the first state that managed to eradicate the virus. Thank you to all the health workers and to all the citizens of Montenegro. This is everyone’s victory. ”

The Montenegrin government also published the news on their website, saying that there are no more people infected with the novel coronavirus in Montenegro and that there are no active cases of infection with the virus.

Since the beginning of the occurrences, the total number of infected persons was 324, while 315 persons have recovered, and only 9 have died. The Institute of Public Health of Montenegro on Sunday announced that 68 days after the first COVID-19 case was registered, Montenegro is currently free of coronavirus patients.

Even while they are free of the COVID-19, the nation’s strategy to avoid the risk of the corona comeback has involved gradually, loosening restrictions, with some safety measures remaining in place, such as a ban on public gatherings, and the requirement to wear masks in all enclosed public spaces – shops or banks. Social distancing obligations are still active.

Citizens of Montenegro took the coronavirus situation serious enough from day one, and thanks to that, they have been the last nation to get caught in the deathly battle, and as the safety measures were strict and respected, this small country beat the virus after only 68 days.