This ‘Cube’ personality test will tell you all about yourself

This ‘Cube’ personality test will tell you all about yourself

Psychology has proven that there is not such a thing in the world as two people with the exact same personality. The definition of a personality is a person’s behavior. While the first personality tests were developed as diagnostic tools, the majority of personality tests today are simply seen as fun, but they actually trigger your subconscious and help you understand yourself.

The Cube Personality Test

The field

Imagine you are standing on a field. What’s surrounding you? How big is the field? What is it covered with? Describe the surrounding.

  • The field represents your mind. The size represents your knowledge of the world, and how wide your personality is. The condition of the field (dry, grassy, or well-trimmed) is what your personality looks like at first sight.
  • If the field is filled with dry and dead grass, you are a pessimist. If it’s alive and healthy then that means you are an optimist. If it’s trimmed you are probably an organized analytical and cautious reaist.

The cube

There is a cube on the field. Pay attention to its texture, size, material the cube is made of.

  • The cube represents you – your ego. The size of the cube is the sizeof your ego. Its surface represents what is visibly observable about your personality, or maybe it is what you want others to think about you.
  • Te texture of the cube represents your nature (Smooth, rough, bumpy…). Smooth surface means that you are a kind person who takes care not to hurt others or make them feel bad or uncomfortable. Rough – You are more sincere. You tend to be honest in everything you say, no matter how it might affect others. If the texture is bumpy or spikey that means you probably like to criticize others and have a tendency to make people feel inferior to you.

The ladder

Picture ladder, anywhere on the field. The ladder shows you two different aspects of your life – your goals and friendships. Are the ladder short or long, where are they located compared to the cube…?

  • If you pictured a short ladder that means your goals are realistic and simple. On the contrary, a long ladder represents harder fetched goals that are difficult to attain.
  • The ladder distance interpretations focus and effort you are putting in achieving your goals. The further the ladder is, the less effort and focus you put in your goals.
  • The closest the ladder is to the cube, the more faith and trust your friends have in you. If it’s actually leaning on the cube, it means your friends can lean on you for support.

The flowers

The flowers picture your family and friends. The number of flowers reflects your popularity, and their location indicates how close you are with your social groups.

  • If there are just a few flowers – that means you are very close with your family and have a small, tight-knit group of friends who you trust.
  • If there are many flowers everywhere it means you are a very social person. You’ll never be lonely with all family and friends.

The storm

In all this landscape, you see a storm somewhere. Where is it, and how big is the storm? How do you feel about it – does it scare you? The strength and location (compared to the cube) of the storm indicate the stress you have in life.

  • If the storm is mild, if it’s just passing by, that means you aren’t exactly immune to stress but you do know everything will pass and you are handling it pretty well.
  • If the storm is somewhere in the background – the barriers that are causing you trouble are probably not at the forefront of your mind. You are good at managing your anxiety.
  • If you were facing the storm eye to eye means you easily fall under the pressure and when you stress you go all in and have a very hard time pulling yourself out again.
  • The closer to the cube is the storm, the more you are affected by the stress. If the storm is right above the cube, you get deeply affected by stress and have a hard time seeing past it to get back to the bigger picture.