Top Ten Weirdly Insured Celebrity Body Parts

Top Ten Weirdly Insured Celebrity Body Parts

The lives of celebrities are quite different from those of the general public. Theoretically, it only makes sound financial sense to cover a talent or physical part whose use is essential to their livelihood. However, there have been instances where the precautions taken have been hilariously wise, such as insurance against losing a football player’s legs or a singer’s vocal chords. However, occasionally, insuring a body component for a high sum makes it appear as though the body part has been valued at such a level. After all, you cannot insure a car or a necklace for a value more than their true value. The Top 10 Oddly Insured Body Parts are shown below.

The Ten Oddest Body Parts to Insure

Troy Polamalu’s Hair

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Troy Aumua Polamalu, an NFL (National Football League) strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, insured his hair for $1 million. That is news, now. With the major British reinsurer Lloyd’s of London, the shampoo manufacturer Procter & Gamble took out a $1 million insurance policy on Troy Polamalu’s hair. The hair treatment company was seen bragging that Polamalu’s fabled locks are so full and thick that they could stretch 100 football fields from end to end.

The Rear of Suzana Alves, a Brazilian Playmate TV Star

Suzana Alves: de Tiazinha à Pastora! ~ BIZARIT - Bizarrices da humanidade

The Brazilian television diva Suzana Alves, who earlier played a whip-wielding sexpot, signed to protect her source of income. The Playmate has a whopping $4 million in insurance on her knees, ankles, and behind. She had to pose for the insurer’s billboard commercials as a condition of the agreement. As a result of the deal’s widespread imitation, insuring celebrities’ bottoms used to be known as “bum bum policies” in Brazil.

Ben Turpin’s Cross-Eyes

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Contrary to the norm, most individuals would pay a hefty fee to have their crossed eyes straightened out. Ben Turpin, a silent-film comedian, however, made good use of his “centripetal optics.” Ben Turpin was always game for a good chuckle. He played the clown in a number of movies, including The Shriek of Araby. Ben Turpin may have been the first famous person to insure his body parts. Ben Turpin’s crossed eye was covered by a $100,000 policy. In the event that Mack Sennett’s eyes return to normal, the money was meant to be payable to the producer.

David Beckham as a whole

David Beckham Giving PSG Salary To Charity - Business Insider

The most recognizable soccer player in the world, David Beckham, once looked for more security. Then a $195 million personal insurance arrangement was struck to cover his legs, feet, and ten toes. At the time, it was regarded as the biggest insurance plan in the history of the game. Given that he earned the majority of his revenue from advertisements, this is definitely the case. The event of disfigurement was also covered by insurance. Following in the Becks’ footsteps, Cristiano Ronaldo purchased a $144 million policy to protect his legs.

The breasts of Dolly Parton

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Nobody can deny that Dolly’s two assets deserve some of the credit for her fame. especially since she had actually gone to the trouble of telling her supporters that they were real. However, this in no way implies that we are disparaging her music, with its twangy brogue and platinum blonde hair. However, the level of attention her breasts have received is noteworthy. The greater news is that her breasts, which were believed to measure 40DD, were insured for $6,000,000, or $300,000 each.

Egon Ronay’s Taste Buds

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Egon Ronay, a well-known restaurateur and culinary critic, passed away recently and was remembered for his impeccable taste. This Hungarian restaurateur rose to prominence as a food critic in Britain. In 1957, he released the first edition of his name-brand restaurant guide. The Unforgettable Dishes of My Life, another book he wrote, was published. Egon Ronay purchased a £250,000 insurance policy for his well-heeled palate.

Mustache of Merv Hughes

Merv Hughes given the 'rissole' by Australia as a national selector ...

The mustache of Australian cricketer Merv Hughes makes him immediately recognizable. While he was a part of the Australian national squad, the bristly handlebar-style mo’ of this right-arm fast bowler was insured for about $370,000. Merv Hughes was undoubtedly a formidable competitor on the field, but he was also a legendary drinker and sported some of the time’s sexiest facial hair.

Fingers of Jeff Beck

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The guitar legend Jeff Beck cut off the tip of his left index finger while chopping his own carrots. He took a seven-week break from playing music after a few weeks and was in stitches again. He suddenly understood that his fingers are too valuable to go without insurance. Each of his fingers was insured for $1 million by him.

The Legs of Betty Grable

Grable, Bette: Movie Star–America's Most Durable Pin-Up Girl | Emanuel Levy

Betty Grable appeared in 40 movies, all of which brought in over $100 million at the box office. Between 1943 and 1951, she was one of the highest-paid Hollywood stars. Despite having beautiful singing voice and captivating dancing abilities, she was more known for her legs. During World War II, the starlet’s famous pin-up, in which she is depicted wearing only a white beach suit, attained extraordinary fame. Then, it was believed that she made about $300,000 a year, largely due to her legs. She obtained $1 million worth of leg insurance.

The voice of Bruce Springsteen

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Bruce Springsteen of New Jersey, who insured his voice for $6 million in case he ever lost it or seriously damaged it, tops the list of weirdly insured body parts. The insurance policy for the rock star was purchased from Lloyd’s of London. For his classics like “Born to Run” or “Dancing in the Dark,” Bruce Springsteen is well-known.

I hope this list of the Top Ten Oddly Insured Body Parts provides you with some useful knowledge. Enjoy your day!