What does your horoscope say? August is your month!

What does your horoscope say? August is your month!

Retrograde and eclipse season in the middle!

Well, something is coming up!

Opportunities to reconnect on a deep level as for your heart’s desires is something the eclipse in Leo will bring along with new revelations!

Horoscope for August

Horoscope – leo

What does this mean? Most significantly, is that there will be some type of new beginning in your life! Yes. And most probably that will have roots in romance, children, or something really new and creative. Wherever you have Leo in your chart is where you are willing to take a chance.

The full moon in Pisces is deeply creative—and highly emotional. Mercury and Mars wrap up their retrogrades this month: How will you fare in the middle of all this cosmic movement?

A Full Moon in Pisces on August 26 has you feeling ALL the feels. And not just your own, but everyone else’s. This might be an emotionally draining time, so remember to do whatever you must to nourish your soul and recharge your spiritual batteries.

August will be all about being True To Your Heart’s Desires

It’s as if the universe is trying to suck out every last bit of what is holding you back before you get pushed forward in a major way.

Horoscope for August

The most important thing is, you are re on the brink of healing transformation your life. Something great is coming!

The answers are found in shadows you may be too afraid to look into – depths too deep for you to swim. However, intensity is the fire that fuels your desire. Although they say to be careful with flames, don’t let fear hold you back from breaking free.

There will be ups and downs, but there is a reason for everything that happens and we should always bear in mind that it all happens for a greater good. 

Enjoy August everyone!