10 Amazing Facts From Around the World and Life

10 Amazing Facts From Around the World and Life

Amazing Facts from around the world and life

1- Monday is like one day at Mercury:

It’s a fact that after a tiresome Sunday filled with the enjoyment, one just hates to look forward on Monday. Since, Mondays are terrible for anyone who has to face a lot of work at school, office or university.

2- Yelling can be used to cook a cup of coffee:

It just justifies the law of conservation of energy, that the work was done to yell at the topmost level for about 8 years, 7 months and 6 days can be just utilized to cook a cup of coffee.

3- The strongest muscle of the body is Tongue:

The Wikipedia has termed tongue as the strongest muscle of the body proportional to its size. Sometimes the heart is taken as the most strong part but that is untrue since it’s quite weak when you draw the comparison between size and muscle density.

4- Time is the best teacher:

Time is the best teacher to let you learn every factor answers to questions but in the end, it kills every student, a reality of life that is the reason one should live the life at it’s most.

5- Keep your toothbrush away from the toilet:

Just to avoid some bad germs and keep a safety of your health, it’s a medical fact and recommendation from the dentists that your toothbrush should be 6 feet away from the toilet.

6- Definition of Life:

No one is able to get that what is going to happen in the near future, so while you plan for the events there is always a possibility that something new can enter in your life, thus plans don’t always offer a mature and better future, relying on the luck and sixth sense can also provide you the better opportunities.

7- Medical Fact: One Can’t lick his own elbow:

This is a scientific fact that one can’t lick his own elbow and the considerable thing is this that most of the people must have tried to lick their elbow after reading this fact and must have been failed to do so!

8- Walt Disney was afraid of Mice:

Walt Disney was afraid of mice and thus ironically translated his fear into the world famous character.

9- How American airlines saved thousands of dollars in 1987:

The image is self-obvious that how the American airlines saved thousands of dollars by dropping just an olive from each salad served in first class.

10- Apples are better than Coffee:

Apples have natural and pure sugar which give you a natural high and thus prove to be better than a cup of coffee. Fructose in apples actually provides the energy boost.