10 Everyday Habits That Can Help You Look Younger

10 Everyday Habits That Can Help You Look Younger

People are terrified of aging – but instead of having a silly fear, why not make the daily moves that will make you look youthful? Here are some daily habits to integrate into your lifestyle, and help you fake that number well into your 70s.

1. Wear less makeup. Makeup can cause winkles, over dried skin, and clogged, irritated pores. Choose to not loosen that skin and look more naturally beautiful, as you age.

2. Use sunscreen. No matter what age you are, your skin needs protection. And using sunscreen to four times a week makes you drastically less likely to display signs of aging signs.

3. Get your 8 hours every night, or make a strong effort to. Sleep deprivation is messy and can age us by decades along with swiping years off our lives. Sleep equals elastic and youthful skin, free of pimples.

4. Use the right moisturizer. Neglecting to use moisturizers or using the wrong kind can ruin your skin. But using the right ones will erase the years like no other and help maintain collagen and elasticity.

5. Work out frequently! It’s not just for your waistline – it’ll keep skin taut too, by improving blood flow to outer layers, boosting oxygen levels and swiping away harmful waste.

6. Avoid food that stains your teeth like barbecue sauce, black coffee, red wine and soy sauce. Swap it for mango salsa or fresh herbs and spices, and opt for seltzer over Coca Cola. Yellowed teeth makes you look old fast.

7. Eat less sodium. Sodium, which salty foods are packed with, creates a puffy look. Not only will your tummy thank you, but you won’t be puffy in your under-eye area which adds years on.

8. Don’t heat-damage your hair too much, and don’t brush it wet. Try to straighten only once a week maximum if you want to have lustrous and bountiful strands on your head well into old age.

9. Opt for fruits and veggies instead of ice cream. Your skin will look more radiant – too much sugar can create premature aging, while eating naturally sweet foods like berries are rich in antioxidants like ellagic acid, and can prevent wrinkles.

10. Have more sex. It releases mood-boosting chemicals called endorphins, as well as helping improve sleep, and reducing stress. Apparently, regular sex can make you up look up seven years younger.