10 Tips On How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

10 Tips On How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

If eyes are the windows to your soul, then eyebrows are the keys to our emotions. We express ourselves a lot with them. We frown to show confusion or sadness, we raise our eyebrows in surprise, we raise one to show skepticism. They’re pretty important when it comes to showing how we feel and what we think in any particular situation. And these days they’re also a fashion statement. They gotta be on flick all the time. So here are 10 tips on how to get perfect eyebrows.

1. Grow Them Out
Thin brows are out. It’s all about thick bushy brows now, so first things first – you gotta grow out your brows. Just let them be for a month, don’t tweeze them and see what happens. You might look a bit like a werewolf at first, but it’ll be worth it in the end. You need to see all of your brows and their natural shape first and then see what you want to improve.

2. Condition
If your brows don’t grow that quickly you can help them out by conditioning them with a brow conditioner, putting special growth serums on them or at least massaging some coconut oil into them once in a while to condition them. Vitamins and supplements for hair and nails can help too.

3. Pick The Right Shape
Once your eyebrows have grown out, you can now figure out what shape you’re gonna go for. If your brows have a natural arch to them – great. If they don’t – straight thick brows are in too, so don’t rush to pluck that arch in. Take your time, use some stencils to see which brow shape will suit you the most. You can always just take a brow pencil and literally draw on different eyebrow shapes to see which will look best.

4. Shower Or Use A Warm Washcloth
Once you’ve figured out the shape you want – take a hot shower or use a warm washcloth on your eyebrows to open up the pores and soften up the skin. This way tweezing won’t be painful and the little hairs will be easier to pluck.

5. Stencil Them On
Now don’t go crazy with the tweezers immediately. Draw on the basic shape with a white eyeliner pencil and pluck outside the lines. You don’t want to over-pluck. That’s not what we’re here for. We just want to shape and tweeze away the stray hairs.

6. Use Slanted Tweezers
When it comes to picking tweezers always go for the slanted ones. The pointy ones are way harder to work with and you’re way more likely to pinch your skin or stab yourself. The slanted ones make it easier to grab on to the little hairs too.
7. Tint
This is an optional step, you can skip it if you want. However if you want to make your eyebrow routine easier in the long run you can tint your eyebrows. This way you won’t have to fill them in every day because they’ll already be more vivid. But make sure you pick a color a shade or two lighter than your hair if you’re a brunette and a shade or two darker if you’re a blonde.

8. Cut The Long Hairs
If you have really long brows it might help you to cut them a little shorter. Just brush them up and cut the extra long hairs so they match the outline of your brow. This’ll make your eyebrows look way neater and put together.

9. Fill In The Gaps
No one is perfect, some of us have gaps or bald spots in our eyebrows, be it from childhood scars or maybe years of over plucking them. Either way – that’s easy to fix. Just use an eyebrow pencil or some eyeshadow to fill in the gaps. Make sure to move the brush against the direction of the hair growth for a more natural look and then use a clean spool to brush it out a little.

10. Set With Gel
Use a clear eyebrow mascara or gel to brush up your eyebrows, shape them the way you want and set for the day. Enjoy the result. You’re all done.
Or you know, just go to the salon and chill while they do all this for you and you can just do some upkeep afterwards.