6 Beauty Tricks That You Haven’t Heard Of

6 Beauty Tricks That You Haven’t Heard Of

We’ve found some very useful tips and tricks for your hair, skin and makeup. Some of them might be already familiar to you, but we guarantee – some of these will surprise you.

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1. Dryer sheets for static-free hair

Hairstylist Nadine Branch, Owner of Nadine’s World in Costa Mesa, California said: “When you have static hair that is fresh, clean and bouncy, you don’t want to add oil to calm it down because it will change the texture. Go into your laundry cabinet and pull out one of your ‘Bounce’ static-free sheets that we use for our clothes. Rub it on your hands, clothes and then in your hair and, voila, no static.”

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2. Fix caked eyeshadow with tape

Makeup Artist Marci Star, Creator of StarLooks suggested: “Ever had your eyeshadow cake over, and the powder didn’t come out of the container on to your brush like it used to? The reason is because your brush or applicator contained oil from the surface of your skin — from the last time you applied your makeup — and the brush transferred that oil to the surface of your shadow. OR perhaps you touched it to swatch it onto your hand or used your fingers to apply? Take a piece of scotch tape and lay the sticky side onto the top of your shadow. Push down firmly, and remove. The tape will only remove the oily layer of powder on top, and your eyeshadow is back to like new!”

3. Tone down a bold lip with a opposite color

“When you have a lipstick color or a lip liner color that is too bright for sometimes, but you want to use it more often instead of letting it sit around until the next time you hit the town? Tone it down for daytime by using the trusty color wheel method of complementary colors! Red liner or lipstick? – Use a green gloss! I know that sounds crazy, but it exists. It tones to a dark Nude. Orange Liner or Lipstick from Summer? Use a gloss with a lavender hue or a blue undertone. This will make your color a light mauve. Bright Pink Lipstick or Liner? Use an orange-hued lipgloss! It will tone to a light Nude!”

– Makeup Artist Marci Star, Creator of StarLooks

4. Put oil on your lashes overnight for long lashes

“I wear Argan oil on my eyelashes at night!”
– Esthetician Kate Tart from derma e

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“Use a piece of scotch tape as an eyeshadow stencil! Tape can be used as a stencil to make a defined shadow shape or a blush/contour on the cheek, it’s also a great stencil for applying winged-out eyeliner.”
– Makeup Artist Sheila Arkee, blogs at The Painted Ladies, and she is available as a makeup artist.

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6. Use baby powder for longer and thicker lashes

This is a simple and cheap way to make your lashes look more lush. Use a touch of translucent powder to volumize your lashes. Just coat your lashes and then apply mascara as usual.”
– Makeup Artist Sheila Arkee, blogs at The Painted Ladies, and she is available as a makeup artist

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