20 Shower Thoughts That Are Dangerous To Think About Too Much

20 Shower Thoughts That Are Dangerous To Think About Too Much

1. Your tongue is the only part of your reflection you can lick.

Take a step back and consider it for a moment. You can’t actually do this for obvious reasons, but you can go check it out for yourself (once you’ve reached the end of the list, of course)! The following slide will blow your head.

2. The cold version of spicy is drinking water with a minty mouth.

Whether you enjoy spicy food or not, everyone feels the burn… and it burns! Consider how similar the sensation is when you sip water with a minty mouth. Have you considered this before? The next slide will make your mouth drop.

3. You’ve probably seen more of the Moon’s surface than the Earth’s.

Even if you’re a regular traveler, you’ve nearly certainly seen more of the moon’s surface than the earth’s! Consider how much time it took you to do this task… just a quick glance! Don’t get too worked up over the next one!

4. Everyone who knows you has a different version of you in their heads.

What makes you, well, you? “I think, therefore I am,” René Descartes declared. It appears that there are several versions of you in the minds of those who know you… and each one is unique! The following image will brighten your day.

5. One underappreciated benefit of becoming an adult is that you no longer outgrow your clothes.

Sometimes grownups wish they could be children again, even only for a day. What they overlook are the difficulties of childhood as well as the numerous advantages of adulthood. One of them is that you’ll never outgrow your clothing or shoes again. Simply choose a size that fits, and you’re done!

6. When We Were Young vs. When We Were Old

Teens frequently come up with amazing tales, justifications, and creative methods to entice their parents to let them go party. If that fails and they are determined to go, they slip out of the house. It’s the same whether you swap adolescents for adults and parents for family/friends!

7. The brain paradox

This will undoubtedly freeze your head, but approach it logically. The brain discovers that it exists and not only names itself, but it was shocking to understand that it discovered itself and then made the decision that it exists. Have you have any siblings? Check out the following slide to find out what the solution is!

8. It’s Difficult Not To Feel Offended If Your Identical Twin Underwent Plastic Surgery.

Imagine having an identical twin and discovering one day that he or she has had cosmetic surgery. Nothing else can make you feel uneasy if you don’t feel that way. Still, it makes you wonder…

9. Almost every mirror you buy in a store is technically in used condition.

Every mirror has a single function: to reflect the light that falls on it. Given this, it’s reasonable to state that any mirror labeled “fresh new” is unquestionably a massive fraud!

10. Corrupt cops are simply disguised criminals.

It makes no difference whether you wear a uniform or not; if you break the law, you are a criminal. But what if you happen to be a cop? Is this a never-ending feedback loop, or are you just an undercover criminal? What are your thoughts?

11. Making a typo in an online argument is the same as cracking your voice in a spoken argument.

When you’re having a passionate disagreement with someone, you see and say everything that comes to mind that looks beneficial in winning the argument, but sometimes it’s just too much and your voice breaks. Imagine you’re having an internet debate, and you’ll immediately notice the parallel.

12. Your belly button is actually your previous mouth

What function does the belly button serve? Is it merely there to remind us of where we came from, or is it also there to tell us that this was our first mouth when we were in the womb? Whatever the answer is, your mind has undoubtedly been blown to this point.

13. Unless You’re Actually Trying To Fall Asleep On A Couch, It’s Always Easy To Fall Asleep On A Couch.

Have you ever had difficulty sleeping? Why is it that you can easily fall asleep on the sofa except when you don’t want to sleep? It’s really aggravating when this happens and you have no idea why.

14. A Social Security Card is printed on the flimsiest piece of paper I’ve ever handled, yet a Walmart gift card is printed on plastic.

First and foremost! Every rational individual would believe that critical documents should be protected above everything else. That, however, is not the case. Simply take your social security card and compare it to a Walmart gift card… but why?

15. Almost all Orchestras Are Just 1800s Cover Bands

A cover band is a band that performs songs by other bands/people, and if you think about it, an orchestra that performs classical compositions is just that! Except instead of The Beatles, you’re more likely to hear some good old J.S Bach.

16. If you are 25 years old, you have already witnessed more than 10% of American history.

Consider it again. The United States isn’t that ancient, and if you’re over 25, you may comfortably brag about having lived through and influenced more than 10% of it!

17. A happy marriage ends with one person seeing other person dying.

“Till death do us part” has never seemed more appropriate. If you think about it, a successful marriage includes watching your mate exit this world, and vice versa.

18. College students are stereotyped for both not getting enough sleep and sleeping all the time.

Consider a college student you are familiar with. Most likely, the most sleep deprived or drowsy person in your life comes to mind. Doesn’t this dispel all of your stereotypes?

19. Do you know how wealthy you would have had to be 200 years ago if you wanted music playing in the background as you cooked dinner?

Music has traditionally been considered a luxury item, particularly in Europe. Consider how much money you save every day by listening to music while cooking and calculating how much money a musician makes.

20. When you buy and consume half a chicken, you are inadvertently sharing a meal with a stranger.

Who got the remainder? Who bought the other half of the chicken when you bought and ate half of it? Never eat alone together, believing that when you’re eating your half of the chicken, someone else is enjoying his other half!