7 70’s Fashion Trends Making a Great Comeback

7 70’s Fashion Trends Making a Great Comeback

High fashion designers are currently working on a rebirth of 70’s fashion trends. Take a look at 70’s trends that are coming back in style and learn how to wear them with confidence.


You can’t think of the 70’s without thinking of bell-bottoms. Prepare, they are coming back big!

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Along with Bell-Bottoms come flared sleeves – yes, they’re coming back. These type of sleeves were a big hit in the 70’s and it seems they are going to be a hit in 2018 too!

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Bra Tops

Even tho the crop-top trend died (don’t bring it back please), the bra tops are going to be a big trend that is going to last.

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Clogs were very popular back in the day. These weirdly shaped shoes were easy to put on and take off, but it didn’t contribute to their beauty. Their unusual looks were actually the reason they got so trendy, and it seems they didn’t die off.

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Crochet was a huuge hit back then and it was considered “groovy” af. It’s unusual and different patterns and colors are what makes them special and unique.

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Denim Dresses

Denim Dresses seem like they have always been in style, especially this past year. Are they coming back even bigger? Well, we hope so, since denim has always been and will always be in style. Don’t let us start on denim dresses that look amazing on every body shape out there.

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Long-Sleeve Dresses

Long-Sleeve Dresses were never just a trend, they were a staple in the 70’s, especially with deep necklines.

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