5 Steps Guaranteed to Get You Money and Get You Rich!

5 Steps Guaranteed to Get You Money and Get You Rich!

Money, money, money…

The first step – learn how to spell the word “rich”. 

Just kidding! But also kinda not… The fact is many adults don’t even know how to spell this word! R-I-C-H, not R-I-T-C-H. You would be surprised how many people misspell this word! Money makes the world go round, they say, so let’s get straight to the point. Want to know how to get rich? Here’s the guide. It couldn’t be more simple.

Know what you spend

Realistically speaking, not many of us know how much we spend on some random thing every day. You probably didn’t add up every time you bought a pack of cigarettes, per say. Many people don’t know that with the price of cigarettes being so high, a smoker can spend up to 50 dollars just on cigarettes per week! Get to know your expenses and begin to track them. You can’t earn anything without knowing how you’re spending your income! Track your spending.

Start off small, step by step

Making drastic changes all at once can be really unusual and out of your comfort zone. It can take a long time to get used to, so we recommend you start making small changes in your life and taking it slow.

Use your money to earn more

Learn to invest. If you invest smartly in stocks and other areas, you could excellent and relatively predictable returns over the long term.

Don’t let money be all you think about

Remember what they say – money won’t buy you happiness. BUT, you can spend your money on sombreros if you like collecting them, or make your car pink if you really want to. Use your money wisely, and don’t try to hard to keep it in your pocket – that’s definitely going to make you stressed and that’s not the goal.

Don’t be manipulated

There are lots of ways to invest and make the money double itself. But you need to keep in mind that some of the ways are just scams, or plain out stupid. Buying and selling stocks every day also sounds hot, but it’s actually very stupid when you research into it.

Hope you learned something and remembered these steps. They will find great use in your quest to get become rich, but keep in mind, it won’t be the easiest road, but in the end – it will be worth it.