7 Tips on How to Find Your Personal Home Decor Style

7 Tips on How to Find Your Personal Home Decor Style

In this day and age having a personal style is pretty important. Everyone wants to be unique and be a trendsetter. This means not only dressing in a unique and stylish way, but also having a beautifully decorated home too. And while dressing yourself might be a bit easier because you can try different things and buy ones you like and that suit you – decorating a home is a bit more challenging. How do you know if this is the style for you? Will this decorating style suit your home, will you feel cozy in your own living room? Well there’s actually a couple of ways to discover your decorating style and here’s how you do it.

1. Take a Quiz
It might sound a bit silly but there’s actually a lot of online quizzes that can help you figure out what decorating style you prefer. Just make sure you take them on appropriate websites that are serious about home design, not some random Facebook quiz, OK?

2. Design Magazines
Looking through a bunch of design and home decor magazines will also help. You’ll see what’s out there, learn to differentiate styles and learn what you do and don’t like. Plus, these magazines make perfect tabletop books that your friends can peruse when they’re around.

3. Go On Pinterest
Pinterest is a bottomless pit of ideas and inspiration for interior design. There’s really so much here, and the deeper you dig, the better things you find. You can create your own board there and save all the designs you like to it.

4. Design Blogs
Once you spend enough time on Pinterest looking for home decorating ideas you’ll learn about different design blogs and quickly find favorite ones that fit your taste. Follow them, they can be your source of inspiration, a place to steal and bounce ideas off and help you develop your own personal style.

5. Purchase an anchor piece
It doesn’t have to be the centerpiece of your house, but it will be a starting point. Find a piece of furniture that you absolutely love and buy it. You can use it as a reference for the rest of the stuff. You’ll have to make sure everything else you use to decorate your home has to match or compliment it.

6. Start Small
You can start decorating your home with something small first. Pick a table of a bookshelf you want to decorate first. Get some decoration pieces like a vase, a jewelry bowl or stand, an artwork or a statue, perhaps even a picture frame and try to decorate that are with these things. Leave it for a couple of days and see if you still like how it looks afterwards. This way you can work on your decorating style in a small area, without disrupting the whole house.

7. Take A Class
It doesn’t even have to be a home decor class. Flower arrangement classes are very useful to figure out what kind of colors you like and whether you like busy and colorful arrangements or minimalistic clean lines and muted hues. It’ll provide a lot of inspiration and you can always use this new knowledge to decorate your home with flowers.