8 Traits We Have Inherited From Our Parents

8 Traits We Have Inherited From Our Parents

As it turns out, eye color or physical resemblance is just some of the characteristics that we can inherit from our parents.

Over the years, we develop some character and personality traits, others are stored in our DNA. Experts believe that most of our features are just information from birth written in the genes. We inherit the color of our hair, eyes, and our skin color. However, that’s not all!

Check out what we get in our ancestral genes! What are we inheriting from our parents? As it turns out, parents give us much more than the eye color or hair in our genes. Let’s take a look at them!

1. Sense Of Humor

Do you think that a sense of humor has been acquired? That is wrong! The latest research shows that this is a gene in our DNA. The researchers found that people with a short allele of the 5-HTTLPR gene are laughing more often than people with long alleles of the same genome. The study also confirmed that this applies to people of all ages, sexes, and descent.

2. Dependence

If our parents smoke cigarettes, there is a high likelihood that we will have a tendency toward dependency. Studies show that the D2 gene is 40-60% responsible for the susceptibility to different addictions.

3. Money-saving

Can you save money? Thank your parents for that. As a result of the research, it turned out that the tendency to save money was 30% in the genes.

4. Phobias

Do you sometimes notice that you are afraid of something or avoiding it, although there is no reason? As it turns out, the genes can also contain information about traumatic experiences from the past of our ancestors or phobias with which previous generations have fought. So if for some obvious reason you are afraid of the darkness and you do not know why, or feel a panicky fear of the spider – it’s possible that this is written in your genes.

5. Musicality

In terms of talents, genes play a bigger role than you might think. One of the skills we inherit from our ancestors is musicality. According to experts, we get musical abilities in the genes.

6. Need For Sleep

Did you know that British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was able to sleep only 4 hours a day and felt great? As a souvenir, the gene responsible for this skill is even called the Thatcher gene. It also turns out to be the heir. There are many more people who can sleep less than 5 hours and function normally. Well, we can only envy them.

7. Extraversion And Introversion

The tendency towards extraversion or introversion is another feature we inherit (genes VSCD2 and PCDH15 are responsible for this). If our parents are social, open, and like to spend time among people, we can notice similar characteristics.

8. Stress Sensitivity

During the study, it turned out that people who are prone to stress can transfer this property to their children. Experts say that if parents are stressed before they got a baby, there is a risk that this information will be shaken by the genes. The good news is that the tendency to stress can be overcome – e.g. meditation – which positively affects our genetic material.

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