9 Most Unusual Coffee Recipes To Start Your Morning

9 Most Unusual Coffee Recipes To Start Your Morning


You could just get your average vanilla latte from Starbucks. Or you could try something new that will blow your mind and your tastebuds. Here are unique coffee recipes from all over the world to give you that morning jolt.


1. Bulletproof Coffee
Coffee with butter, AKA Bulletproof coffee, which is said to imbue users with superhuman energy and performance enhancement. A lot of Western cafes are pretending to imitate this old Yak butter recipe, but in 2018, it’s actually a blend of coffee, brain octane oil, and grass-fed cow butter, making for thick and sumptuous beverage.

2. Egg Coffee
This is a variety of Vietnamese coffee, but probably not the one you’re used to. This one is dubbed Cà Phê Trứng. It was invented by a barman at a hotel who ran out of milk to serve with coffee and instead used a blend of egg yolks and condensed milk which is now the famous egg coffee!

3. Vietnamese Iced Coffee
If the more traditional iced coffee is your jam, this is the more restaurant-common beverage in Western countries that you’re probably used to. Made with sweetened condensed milk, strong coffee, and ice makes for a flavor medley. That will convert even black coffee lovers.

4. Cuban Coffee
Otherwise known as Café Cubano, this breakfast drink is quite popular in Florida and Cuba, but it’s not for the weakhearted. By combining equal parts sugar and espresso, this drink is rarely bigger than 2oz and has a very thick, gooey texture.

5. Cheese Flavoured Coffee
Cheese infused coffee and tea is a weird trend this year, but it’s popular all over the world for ages. In Sweden, Kaffeost is coffee flavored with Leipäjuusto bread cheese, which has a salty flavor and thick, squeaky texture. Many Finns or Swedes will drop this cheese into coffee, releasing oils, fats and salts and transforming it into a savory drink.

6. Iced Coffee Lemonade
Iced coffee and lemonade is a thing in Portugal and it has been for years. It’s shockingly less stomach-curdling than you think and is also popular in Austria and France. This recipe is always a combination of sweetened coffee or espresso and lemons. Tart and energy providing!

7. Black Pepper Coffee
This drink is a top choice in Senegal, Africa. Black pepper coffee is known as Café Touba. It blends sugar and black pepper combines black pepper and sugar with a decadent black coffee, resulting in an earthy, deep flavor. It can also fight inflammation.

8. Brûlée Caramel coffee
Do you love Frappuccinos and dessert for breakfast but can’t stand all the chemicals and preservatives in them? This is a sweet alternative that achieves a crème brûlée flavor with homemade or store-bought caramel sauce, brown sugar, coffee, whipped cream and milk! Top with extra caramel for that coffee shop aesthetic.

9. Moroccan spiced coffee
Spiced tea is a rather common phenomenon – Chai, anyone? But in coffee, it’s a little more unusual to come across. This Moroccan recipe will load your coffee up with new flavors like cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and pepper for a complex and irresistible flavor.