Acne Face Wash Can Make Your Breakouts Even Worse?

Acne Face Wash Can Make Your Breakouts Even Worse?
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The truth is that over-washing can make your acne worse. Scrubbing your face too much can dry out your skin and cause more breakouts.

Typical skin care products we use every day may not be that good for our skin as we’re told. Overusing ingredients for skincare and skin wash causes even more oil production, which simulates breakouts.

Our skin has a thin layer of protection, called skins PH. It’s a mantle on its surface that is supposed to protect the skin. Using too much skin care cosmetics is destroying that layer which has to be balanced.

The ingredients in skincare can actually cause breakouts

Your acne trigger could be the sneaky ingredients in your products. For example, mineral oils are super-heavy moisturizing agents that can be found in some lotions and skin treatments. They block pores and cause your skin to break. Silicons, some fragrances, and many other ingredients that are found in products and are also very harsh on the skin.

Those same sulfates, heavy moisturizing agents, and silicones can be found in your shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling products. The way they affected the skin on the face, the similar way they can seep into the pores on your body and block them. As a result, chest acne and acne on the back start popping up, and even pimples along your hairline.

What can you do differently?

Well, for the beginning start with reading the labels. Get rid of all products that contain ingredients that are irritating or at any other way bad for your skin. Using the big amount of different products should be put to a minimum. Products labeled as “noncomedogenic” are specially formulated not to clog the pores and are highly recommended by dermatologists.

What kind of face wash is recommended for acne

Swap out oily products with the ones that’ll help your skin be more moisturizing. Keeping your skin moisturized and calm will actually curb your breakouts because it will help normalize your oil production over time. Acne-prone skin is irritated and dry. That means it needs gentle treatment. Loading it up with moisture gently and that way you’ll help reducing breakouts on your face.

In Conclusion

Everyone’s skin is different, and there’s special treatment for each skin type. If you are using treatment recommended by your dermatologist stick with it. But in general, no matter what skin type you have, the gentler the product, the better. A creamy, gentle, hydrating cleanser with no active ingredients is definitely the best choice.