Even If It’s IN, Nobody Guarantees It’s Attractive: 5 Fashion Trends You Actually Want To Miss!

Even If It’s IN, Nobody Guarantees It’s Attractive: 5 Fashion Trends You Actually Want To Miss!

Jeans used to be simple, classic, a suitable piece of clothing. But unfortunately, the attempt of the jeans renaissance by the fashion industry did not go so well… We prepared 5 fashion fails when it comes to jeans.

1. Janties

They were introduced to the world for the first time in a spring collection for 2019 fashion show. They are the real reason why the fashion industry should stop experimenting with jeans. A gynecologist, Rebecca Brigman, was asked if the janties are safe to be used as underwear. She said in an interview that even though they are an interesting piece of clothes, they are not totally safe for usage on naked skin. She appealed that you should at least have a thong under them.


2. “When you can’t decide” jeans

Fashion designer, Ksenija Schnaider, posted her interpretation of “when you can’t decide” jeans at the end of January. These are something like jeans for every occasion, or better said for no occasion, especially when you have to pay $332 for them.


3. Reversed jeans

The moment these jeans showed up on a catwalk, everyone was ready to crow them with a trend that young people will adore. Still, they may have exaggerated a bit.

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4. Jeans with a cloak

Not sure what audience was targeted with this idea, but if it’s you, they are yours for just $112, which is the cheapest price on this list yet…

5. Jeans with cut

Tired of ripped jeans? We have good news for you- for the first time, the jeans with a cut were shown in public on Fashion week in Paris. These may come in handy if you have a tattoo you are desperate to show, but no ordinary jeans can provide that satisfaction.