Largest lips in the world – Andrea Ivanova gets 20 fillers in her lips, this is what she looks like 😱🤯

Largest lips in the world – Andrea Ivanova gets 20 fillers in her lips, this is what she looks like 😱🤯

A student Andrea Ivanova from Sofia in Bulgaria, 22, experienced her latest medical procedure on April 28, having hyaluronic corrosive infused into her lips for the twentieth time.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the 22-year-old Bulgarian lady started her change in 2018, however now many are inquiring as to whether she has body dysmorphia because of her young age and the way that she has changed herself so significantly

She’s more than quadrupled the size of her lips, however, the lady, who uncovered the outcomes on the web, said while she “cherishes” the look she despite everything figures she could get them even bigger.

Ivanova, who consistently posts pictures of herself close by Barbie dolls, said she needs to hold up two months before she can experience more techniques.

“I feel extraordinary to have considerably more yet a few specialists believe it’s sufficient, however, despite everything I need them bigger,” she said.

The 22-year-old understudy accepts she is special and doesn’t duplicate any big name with regards to her stylish change. Nonetheless, she conceded that having large lips is the place she lives because many girls include lip fillers in their beauty routines.

“My primary care physician said he will accomplish more infusions for me yet said I need to sit tight for at any rate two months.”

Ivanova is well known via web-based networking media in excess of almost 50,000 fans on Instagram. In spite of the fact that he is once in a while assaulted by haters, she has amassed various individuals who love her look, alluding to her upgraded includes as her “flawless lips”.

Andrea isn’t satisfied with her lips and is planning on having more fillers injected soon, but at this point, she’s facing a difficulty finding doctors who are willing to perform this unique work.

Her story has turned into a web sensation and she’s presently become an easily recognized name due to the misrepresented, enormous size of her lips. Many are likewise stunned by Andrea’s before photographs as the agreement is that she wasn’t simply normal-looking, yet was beautiful and didn’t have to adjust her appearance by any means.

Here are some photos of Andrea Ivanova before and after her procedures including multiple lip fillers.

Numerous celebrities are known for having plastic medical procedures — at that point, there are individuals who become superstars since they had a plastic medical procedure. But no one is unique as Andrea Ivanova, who is about to break the record of the largest lips in the world.

Even tho Andrea Ivanova is called the real-life Barbie doll there is still a difference between her and others who have tried to personify Barbie in human form – the size of Andrea’s lips. Many would argue that in Barbie’s 61 years of existence, she has never had lips the size of Andreas’, and that she really did set an unique trend.