9 Golden Rules To Leave a Great First Impression During a Job Interview

9 Golden Rules To Leave a Great First Impression During a Job Interview

Most conversations with candidates for a job interview are unproductive, as there is a strong correlation between whether the candidate likes the examiner and whether he will get a job.

In the business world, what is very IMPORTANT and inevitable is that 90% of someone’s thoughts about you are formed in the first 4 minutes and your non-verbal communication is extremely important.

Now we can start with rules and how to be great on the first job interview, and of course, get the job you want.

1. In the Lobby

Try to always stand while you’re waiting, do not sit, as it makes a better impression. Put your hands on your back and gently swing back on your feet (both are signs of confidence).

2. Entering

The way you enter the room tells others how you expect to be treated. When you go through the door, keep the same speed. Those who lack self-confidence change their speeds and flounce when entering.

3. Approach

Even if a person does something at that moment; looking at the phone, go over the drawer, give her/him a smooth motion. Handshake with the person and sit down immediately. Make sure that you are used to confidently enter the office and do not expect of people to leave you to wait. People who enter slowly or with long steps declare that they have time to spend, that they are not interested in what they do. Those who require attention walk with energetic, medium speed and medium steps.

4. Handshake

Hold your palm right and return the clasp you get. Allow the other person to decide when to end it. Never hand directly through the table. Use the person’s name twice during the first 15 seconds and never talk for more than 30 seconds in one breath.

5. Take a Seat

If you are forced to sit in a low chair directly over another person’s face, turn it so that it stands at an angle of 45 degrees compared to them so you can find yourself in the “warning” position. If you can not, then put yourself in a chair so that your body stands at that angle.

6. Seating Area

If a person invites you to sit in an unofficial part of her/his office, such as a coffee table, this is a positive sign, because 95% of business refusals are posted on the other side of the work desk. Never sit down on a low sofa so much that you feel like you look like a pair of giant legs with a tiny head on top. If you need to sit, sit on the very edge, upright so that you can control your body language.

7. Your Gesture

Cold-blooded, serene and compassionate people who control their emotions serve more clear movements. Behind it lies negotiating pranks – those who have power do not have to move as much.

8. Distance

Respect the personal space of the person you’re talking with, which will be the highest in the introductory minutes of the meeting. If you approach too close, the person will react by dragging it deeper into the seat, leaning to the other side. By default, people you know from before can come closer, while the ones you see for the first time you should step further than it is usual.

9. When You Leave

Pick up your things quietly and carefully – not in hurry, shake hands if possible, turn around and walk out of the room. If the door was closed when you arrived, be sure to close them behind when you exit. People always look at you while you are away, so make sure that the back of your shoes are well-spun. When a woman decides to exit the room, she will direct her foot to the door and begin to fix up her clothes to look neat when she exits, this leaves a very good impression.

Therefore, if you follow these rules, you will surely get positive results. Wish you all luck!