You Will Be Surprised How Bad Is Alcohol For You

You Will Be Surprised How Bad Is Alcohol For You

Is it possible going out and not consuming alcohol?
Of course, the more you drink, the more impact alcohol will have. With a few drinks, you are probably more social and outgoing, happy, full of energy, talkative, and fun to be around. A few more and you may start slurring your speech, falling down, and becoming more aggressive. Even more drinks and you may blackout and not remember what you did or said the next day.

Here are the negative effects of alcohol.

Many inconvenient situations

Drinking and driving isn’t the only destructive decision caused by alcohol. When people get drunk, they often make life-changing poor decisions such as unprotected sex, committing crimes, acts of violence, etc… Alcohol compromises the ability to make smart and sometimes healthy choices. You can plan and protect yourself by doing something as simple as even bringing protection, or staying abstinent. If alcohol is continuously causing you to make poor decisions, quitting alcohol is a viable solution.

Alcohol and the brain

When you drink alcohol, it is thought to raise levels of GABA in the brain. GABA is one of the brain’s chemical messengers, or neurotransmitters, that helps you to feel relaxed, and it aids in lowering anxiety and stress. GABA is considered to be an “inhibitory” neurotransmitter. High levels of GABA cause your body temperature to drop, and your heart rate and blood pressure to come down.

Alcohol also increases levels of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is one of the chemical messengers responsible for sending signals of pleasure. When levels of dopamine are elevated, it can create the “high” or “buzz” that makes alcohol pleasurable to drink.

Alcohol and the body

Probably you didn’t know that there are more than 20 effects of alcohol on your body. Here are the facts:


It positively affects on self-confidence. The research at one local bar included 19 people who drank alcohol and rated their appearance on a scale of one to seven. The more alcohol they consumed, the score was higher.

” How much alcohol we drink does not have anything to do with feeling more attractive, but we are convinced that it is because we are currently drinking, so we think that we are immediately more relaxed and more accessible than usual, and everything looks better.” – said psychologist Lorent Bege for Huffington Post.

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