Jaclyn Hill Getting Dragged For Her Hairy and Bumpy Lipsticks

Jaclyn Hill Getting Dragged For Her Hairy and Bumpy Lipsticks

These days you just can’t be bored because of all the drama happening on YouTube. Past few weeks were scandalous for famous beauty gurus. This time the internet is talking about Jaclyn Hill and her lumpy lipsticks.

When she released her makeup line it didn’t go exactly as she planned. She faced many difficulties and unsatisfied fans with bad experiences.

The truth inside the lipsticks- revealed

Some of the youtubers worldwide posted videos about Jaclyn Cosmetics and they all said pretty much the same: it was bad. Few youtubers even did deep a review using a microscope and the results weren’t the greatest… What was shown to the world left many speechless. Lipsticks are full of bumps, hair, air bubbles, black holes, etc. These videos only confirmed what other customers said and that didn’t reflect so good on Jaclyn’s career.

She tried to explain everything

After this went viral Jaclyn tweeted about her products and spoke to angry fans trying to fix things. She also posted a video on her Youtube channel explaining what are those bumps and holes and what’s up with the melting issue. She talked about making things right and she apologized to the fans saying if any of them are having trouble with the products she and her team will replace them with brand new ones wich, as she garantees are nothing like the first ones.

Is she telling the truth?

Even after her apology video, many think she lied. She tried explaining the situation but not everyone believes her words. Although she gave pretty confident speech some think she only caused bigger drama recording it. Anyways, she keeps strong attitude trying to justify her words and actions.