Makeup Tips For Bigger Lips Without Surgery!

Makeup Tips For Bigger Lips Without Surgery!

Big lips have been a huge trend for the past few years. Some researches have shown that fuller lips have been desired by women for centuries because of one reason – they signify strong mating potential.

“Facial features serve as a cue of attractiveness,” explains Dr. Marisa Coen. “A great deal of research on facial attractiveness tends to focus on symmetry, in which both sides of the face are proportional and perfectly mirror one another. Based on principles of evolutionary psychology, there are three major cues that underpin our biologically significant assessments of mate value: symmetry, averageness, and non-average sexually dimorphic features. The latter are physical traits which differ between the sexes (such as reproductive organs). With regard to these features, men tend to prefer women with large eyes, small noses, small chins, narrow cheeks, high eyebrows, and large, full-lipped smiles.”

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So, here a few tips on how to make your lips appear fuller, without added lip fillers.

Tip 1: Exfoliate

The dry flakes can be really irritating and uncomfortable and they make your lips look smaller and unattractive. A tip for this problem is to put some lip balm on your lip and brush lightly over the surface of the lips with a toothbrush. Brush lightly in circular motions and voila! – you have a pair of soft and kissable lips!

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Tip 2: Use concealer as a base

Lightly spreading some concealer on your lips does wonders, trust me. But make sure to first apply some lip balm, because concealer on its own can make your lips appear dry. Then, dab on some concealer across your lips and then apply your lipstick. It will make it look way better!

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Tip 3: Use lipgloss as an optical illusion

Dabbing a tiny bit of lipgloss in the middle of your lips will create an illusion of much fuller lips. You can use a clear one or one in the similar color as your lipstick. The gloss picks up light, drawing attention to your lips and making them look bigger.

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Tip 4: Overdraw

Use a lip liner that matches your lipstick, and trace just slightly outside your natural lip line. This creates an illusion of different lip shape and size. Heres an extra tip – you can trace the outer line of your new lip line just to clean up your lipstick and make it look super clean!

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Tip 4: Choose the colors smartly

Dark lip colors make your lips appear smaller and flatter. Now, thats not the ook you want to go for. Nude lips are not just trendy lately, but they will make your lips look naturally larger.

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Tip 5: Use two different shades of the same color

This creates a great illusion as well. Here’s what you do – you apply one lipstick color all over your ‘canvas’. Then, you take the lighter shade and apply it in the middle of your lips. This makes your lips appear more juicy and full.

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