Most embarrassing things toddlers have said out in public

Most embarrassing things toddlers have said out in public

Everyone can recall at least one humiliating thing he shouted out loud in public. Toddlers don’t think much about what they say, and if anything piques their interest, be prepared to be bombarded with questions that will most likely make you feel quite uncomfortable, especially if you’re in public. However, once the shame is passed, you end up smiling and having amazing stories to share in the future. So we gathered several situations with children from Reddit that will make you feel uneasy!

1. A Cool Bear

Here is how child’s confession that will make you laugh till you cry! “When I was younger (under the age of five), my father would playfully ask whether I wanted a cool beer. I was always quick to say “no.” Until one day, as we were waiting in line at the grocery store, he asked if I wanted anything, to which I answered, “a cool beer.”

2. Law Breaker

That is a child’s confession, and it appears that u/heart-cooks-brain regretted it! ” When my mother was pulled over, I told the officer from the back seat, “She’s also drinking and driving!” I’d been bugging her about it, and she kept insisting that they meant booze, not coke, but I didn’t trust her for some reason. “It’s Dr. Pepper,” my mother said flatly and frustratedly. “Thank glad the officer laughed,” the user remarked.

3. Church Meeting Took a Turn

“This family’s church service did not go as smoothly as planned.” My youngest sibling is more than a decade my junior, so I grew up seeing him disgrace me in public. The worst was one Christmas when we went to Kmart after attending a church service. The ceremony focused on the virgin birth and that no other virgin had ever given birth. My brother was probably around 4-5 years old at the time, and while he didn’t know what made someone a virgin, the service taught him that virgins couldn’t have children. Anyway, we’re in the checkout line, and behind us is a pregnant woman. “Look, that lady,isn’t a virgin” my brother shouts loudly, pointing to her.

4. You wont believe this

Here’s an astonishing story about u/Sundaydinobot1’s that will make you feel uneasy. “ This occurred in the 1970s, when she was around three years old. This is a story that my mother frequently relates. She and my mother were waiting in a huge line for the bathroom. A few people ahead of them was a lady who weighed more than 300 pounds. “Mom!” exclaims my sister. Isn’t she the heaviest woman you’ve ever seen?” Other people in line were trying hard not to laugh, and my mother is mortified. And then my sister says, “Isn’t she the fattest person you’ve ever seen?” My mother had had enough and led my sister out of the line.

5. Wrong dad

A child’s father had left for the military, and the two-year-old seemed to mourn him as he would call any male “dad.” So, when visiting Boston Market with his mother, he abruptly addressed a man as “daddy” and hugged him. Fortunately, the man just hugged him and remarked, “I’m not your father, but hey buddy!”

6. Some wine?

Imagine having a nice day with your friends and your child, only to be accused of being an alcoholic. “I was out with some pals when I was asked if I drank. When I answered I didn’t, my daughter remarked, “But mom, you drink all the time.” “She had no understanding the difference between drinking booze and drinking everything else,” Reddit user u/TishraDR admitted.

7. Being spontaneous isn’t always good

Because of their spontaneity, children may genuinely humiliate you in public, and there is nothing you can do about it. “I’m not a parent, but while my family and I were vacationing at Yellowstone/Last Custer’s Stand, there was a Native American man costumed as a warrior performing a picture session.” My younger brother, who was approximately three years old at the time, cries out loud, “DAD, THERE’S STILL ONE LEFT!” The man was a good sport and began to chuckle. Later in the day, I even got a picture with him.” On Reddit, u/loganhoppe wrote.

8. Bad words

Many children are not permitted to utter certain phrases, and it is amusing to see how they invent new terms to replace them! ” “Joe, you uttered the f-word!” said my nephews. “I did not!” “You did it!” “You’re meant to say ‘passing gas’!” wrote u/kapntoad.

9. Emberassing on a next level

This is an extremely humiliating experience that u/twillsteele had to go through. “My kindergarten-aged kid came home from school with a backpack full of canned food.” When questioned about the situation, he said strongly that he had informed the instructor he was hungry and that we didn’t have any food at home! He had been sent home with donations for those in need!! We convinced him to return the food the next day… “It’s a humorous tale we tell today, but talk about embarrassment!!!” remarked one user.

11. Pregnant again?

That’s another example of how youngsters don’t think before they speak and don’t grasp what might harm people. “One youngster questioned our freshly delivered teacher if she became pregnant again since he believed she looked pregnant again,” Reddit user u/Try2RememberPassword posted.

12. Ok, die

Many toddlers struggle with the alphabet, and they frequently mispronounce words. Like u/son, tc3590’s who can’t pronounce the letter “B” and ends up telling people “OK, Die.”

13. So you are just fat then?

Even though children may not want to offend you, they may say something to you that is so harsh because they lack a “filter.” My midwife, not I. Pregnant with a second child, her three-year-old daughter wonders why her mother’s tummy is so large. She’s been informed there’s a baby within. “Do you have a kid in there too?” she asks daddy. Dad calmly responds, “No, I’m just obese!” A few days later, they’re in the checkout line, and there’s a really huge lady behind them. “Do you have a baby in your stomach like my mummy?” the small girl inquires of the lady. The lady is kind and just states that she does not, to which the daughter answers, “well just fat then”.

14. Im done.

“My child is 16 months old. When she is through conversing with someone, she will wave her hand dismissively and exclaim, “All done! Bye!” “My wife doesn’t like it, but I think it’s hilarious and a tremendous power move,” u/cybermericorp proudly shared with the Reddit community.

15. Don’t use metaphor to much

Sometimes children may not comprehend the significance of a metaphor. That was the case with u/Thisguysciences, who related his personal experience. “My wife took my three-year-old to the park one day. She decided to pick up some litter to make the park seem prettier, so she began tossing away pop bottles, chip bags, and so on, and he wanted to assist. He stoops to pick up some cigarette butts, and my wife replies, “Leave them to mommy” (she wasn’t going to pick them up, but she didn’t want him to touch them either). He’s gone to play a few minutes later. He tells another mother, “I’m looking for smokes for mama.”

16. Put me down!

Another user shared his experience shopping with children. “One day, my niece did this to her father.” He carried her out of a store on his shoulders, and she yelled at him, “Put me down, you’re not my Daddy, put me down!” “He had the other kids laughing as he walked out of the store, so I presume that’s why nobody stopped him,” u/AlaeniaFeild commented.

17. A tiny child

One of your users shared an extremely nice anecdote that occurred to him! “A tiny child once pointed to me and shouted, ‘dinosaur!’ while I had a mohawk.” “That was the finest praise I’ve ever heard,” u/Ziggy.purrdust admitted.

18. Ability to hot strangers

A man and his daughter had a great time running away from his wife while she was shopping. It was their sport. When they were away from his wife, he asked his daughter what she wanted them to do now that her mother wasn’t there. Her response was hilarious! “We have the ability to hit a stranger!” she said!

19. Shopping with a toddler

U/cannibaldolphin discovered early on how difficult it is to go shopping with a child, since her sister was a particularly demanding toddler! “If she didn’t get what she wanted, she’d yell “die, die, DIE!” and people would stare at us as if we were psychopaths.” “Die” is phonetically equivalent to “donate” in Russian, our native language.” u/cannibaldolphin wrote something. Look forward to the next tale! You’d never guess what occurred!

20. Mister – put me down

When a father was out shopping with his four-year-old kid, he began misbehaving. If the kid did not behave correctly, his father threatened to leave the business. However, the youngster continued to misbehave, and his father grabbed him up to go. That’s when the tiny kid said, “Hey, man, let me down!” So the father made no eye contact with anyone and simply exited the store! The following anecdote will make you laugh out loud!