The 5 Most Interesting World Facts You’ll Ever Hear

The 5 Most Interesting World Facts You’ll Ever Hear

We live in a world with around 200 countries, and a population of 7,8 billion people – imagine how many interesting and yet unrevealed facts you can find! We are checking 5 of the most interesting and breathtaking facts!

  1. Glaciers and ice sheets carry around 69% of the world’s water

According to Water in Crisis: A Guide to the World’s Fresh Water Resources from the United States Geological Survey, the seas hold slightly more than 96 percent of the total quantity of water on the planet. However, that is mostly seawater. The majority of the world’s fresh water, to be exact 68.7 percent, is trapped in ice caps, permanent snow, and glaciers. Did you know anything about this fact?

2. The highest wind gust ever recorded on Earth was 253 miles per hour

Storm Olivia was 253 mph strong

In 1996, a tropical storm called Olivia made such a powerful landfall off the shore of Barrow Island, Australia, that it shattered an astonishing record. Olivia gust was 253 mph, which blasted past the previous wind record of 231 mph recorded in Mount Washington, New Hampshire in 1934. How amazing fact!

3. Greenland has fossilized plants beneath 1.4 km of ice

Greenland hides living plants under 1,4km of ice

The Greenland Ice Sheet, covers around 80% of Greenland. But has it always been this cold? Researchers discovered well-preserved fossil plants and proteins at the bottom of a 1.4 km core sample obtained in 1966 at Camp Century during the Cold War. That indicates that the huge sheet melted and reformed at least once in the past million years. This was a cold fact!

4. Mount Everest has grown since the last time it was measured

Mount Everest hides interesting facts

Mount Everest may not have physically grown, having attained maturity a long time ago. But the most recent assessment by surveyors from China and Nepal shows the mountain summit standing higher than we previously imagined. According to NPR, previous observations varied from 29,002 feet above sea level in 1856 to 20,029 feet in 1955. Due to plate tectonics, researchers have determined that Mount Everest stands at a magnificent 29,031.69 feet following a lengthy procedure of surveying the peak using GPS sensors. Facts and hacks people!

5. Coca-Cola is only unavailable in North Korea and Cuba

Coca Cola may not be everyone’s favorite drink

You can always get a Coca-Cola wherever you go. Almost everywhere, in fact. According to the BBC, despite the fact that this fizzy drink is available almost everywhere, it has yet to (officially) make its way to North Korea or Cuba. This is because these nations are subject to long-term trade embargoes imposed by the United States.