Pros and Cons of Long vs. Short Skincare Routine

Pros and Cons of Long vs. Short Skincare Routine

We decided to base this blog on our skin and our skincare routines. Some of us take really good care of our skin, and some of us just swear by regular soap as skincare regiment.

This video is very interesting because it shows the different product these women use for their different skin types. It also shows different steps in a skincare routine based on the length of the routine itself. Let’s take a look, shall we:

Also, if you’re really into taking care of your skin, you may find this next video interesting. It’s about this girls’ in-flight long vs short skincare routine, where you can learn some tips about taking care of your natural beauty “on the run”.

So here are the pros and the cons. Let’s start off with the long skincare routine.

Pros of a long skincare routine

  • With forming better habits, you will achieve healthier and better-looking skin
  • 15 percent of women say they use skincare to relax. So, taking care of your skin is also beneficial as a form of meditation. Use the time to relax and your skin will thank you

Cons of a long routine

  • For people who are always in a time crunch, a long routine may not be the most efficient way to use your time
  • Do we even need to say it? The expenses for a high-quality skin care routine may be quite pricey. Sure your skin will be thankful, but we can’t say the same thing for your wallet…

Pros of a short skincare routine:

  • It’s very time efficient. If you’re in a run you can wash your face, put on a moisturizer and you’re out the door
  • You’re getting your skin used to only a couple of products, so it doesn’t become easily dependant on different products

Cons of a short  routine:

  • Using better and nourishing products might be a smarter option if you have sensitive or dry skin
  • If you skip the important steps in your skincare, it can sometimes do more damage than good. For ex. if you use harsh and drying soap on your skin and don’t moisturize after, it can make your skin crack, get super sensitive and in the long run – you can cause premature aging

Pros and Cons of Long vs. Short Skincare Routine

At the end of the day, you decide what to do and how to treat your skin. We advise you do whatever you think will make your skin happy, whether it is an extra-long or a super-short skincare routine.