Put Aside All Your Skin Products – These 4 Foods Help Clear Your Skin From Acne!

Put Aside All Your Skin Products – These 4 Foods Help Clear Your Skin From Acne!

So basically all of us have had problems with acne and blackheads during our lives, and some of us still do. Despite the fact that it’s all normal and part of growing up and being a teenager, just admit it, you’ve at least once tried to imitate some DIY tricks or used face masks and get rid of them. But it didn’t turn up as you expected it to, didn’t it?

Some try to solve the problems using skincare products and all kinds of cosmetics, but that doesn’t always prove helpful. Plus, even if it does help, it costs a lot more than adding a few ingredients to your daily nutrition plan. Now back to the point, if you came to meet your skin savior, you are in the right place.

How food affects our health and skin

A little intro before we get to the point of what foods to use for clear skin – Healthy life and high-quality food are good for your skin but not just that. As a lot of dermatologists say, everything we take in the organism by moth reflects on skin. That means that we must take care of what we provide our bodies with. For example, lots of greasy and fast food make our skin more oily which causes breakdowns. Sweets and candies too. It also depends on the skin type we are. But the conclusion is that food, in general, takes a big role in our health and lifestyle.

What food to consume for clear skin?

Without further procrastination, here are ingredients that will do all routine of taking care of your skin.

Seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts contain a high level of vitamins (B1, B2, B3, E, A), nutritious oils (omega-3 fatty acids), minerals (calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, and magnesium). They hydrate skin, provide it with all the goods it needs, they provide the skin with elasticity and help regenerate cells. Consuming seeds also keep the balance between estrogen and progesterone hormones, which clears skin from all kinds of cystic acne.


As you all could guess, fruits are one of those six magical components that benefit our skins. They are powerful antioxidants, they keep your skin tightened, healthy, supple and elastic. They’re overflowing with vitamins and different kinds of fruit supply us with different kinds of benefits. But even if you put aside all that, just the fact how good antioxidants they are, it’s enough. The reason why they are such an important factor for clear skin is that they fight free radical damage.

For example avocado, thanks to the good fats, proteins, and vitamins this green fruit is one of the best things you could surprise your skin with. The proteins in avocado help build collagen and elastin in your skin and it also hydrates your skin thanks to the good fats it contains.

Leafy greens

You might hate broccoli and spinach but just think about all the advantages they bring to your health. The iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A, B, and E, that they contain is not just good for the face, it’s also good for your immune system and health in general. Just like fruits, veggies also hydrate your skin and give it elastic.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil isn’t really meant to be eaten in this case, just like other “items” on this list. The taste isn’t really a blessing, and it doesn’t actually match with any other taste so that it could be eaten. As always there is a big “but” in there. This supply could be applied to the skin trough some products (don’t worry they are not heavy for your budget). make sure that the products are organic so that they don’t damage your skin and so you can get the best of it. Coconut oil is a natural bacteria killer and is beneficial for the skin in so many other ways.