Which Is The Most Successful Mammal?

Which Is The Most Successful Mammal?

We like to think that people are the most successful beings, but it could be that rats are even more successful. You can find rats wherever people live and can they adapt to every environment. So, let’s take a look at a few interesting facts about rats.

The Types Of Rats And the Diseases They Cause

The two most common types are brown and black rats. A female rat can give birth up to seven times a year and each litter counts between 6 and 22 cubs. Rats are transmitters of some diseases, and their ejection often contaminates stored foods. Black rats are responsible for the epidemic of plague in the Middle Ages from which it has killed millions of victims.

Intelligent Creatures

They are very difficult to control because they quickly adapt to poisoning and quickly learn how to evade. They are very intelligent. They are climbing over the walls to enter food stores or dig tunnels beneath the walls, and they can also bite plastic or water pipes to drink.

Rat As a Home Pet

Believe it or not, the gray rat is preserved as a home pet since the 19th century. They are social animals and it is best to keep them in a group with other rats. If you want to achieve a better ”communication” with them, you should carry them since they are little.

How Many Rats Are There?

The unwritten rule says that if you see one rat, it means that there are more nearby and if you see two, it means that there are about 100 rats. If you see three, then there are about 1000 rats, if you see four then they are in an even larger number. The development of cities contributes and increases the number of rats that always live in places where there is food available. British believe that one rat is coming to one inhabitant. In New York, the number of rats from 8 million was reduced to 2 million. Paris had an estimate of 8 million rats, and citizens are obliged to respect measures that lead to the reduction of these rodents.

Rats As Gods

In India, there is a temple where rats are viewed as gods! It is called Karni Mata or Rats Temple and it is the only place in the world in which people live in harmony with these rodents, which the majority regard as pests. It is a closed community of about 20,000 individuals.

Mammals are not so scary, are they? Would you prefer to have a rat or a cat for a pet? Comment your answer down below.

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